Winter Wear

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Brown Eyed Girl
Barked: Wed Jan 14, '09 9:11pm PST 
Those of you who have winter coats for your Ridgeback, what do you find is the BEST or warmest coat for your dog??
Stormy has had the horse blanket coat style, with the open underside, but I didnt feel it was keeping her warm enough, especially in the deep snow her chest would scrape the snow level and get wet/cold.
Her latest coat has a chestplate but its still very thin and doesnt conform onto her body very well.

Im still searching for the *perfect* coat, and the more I search, the more Im convinced Im gonna have to make it myself!!!! I want something really warm, it regularly gets into the 20's and lower here. Something that will minimize the amount of snow that will contact her body..
I dont know....

What do you guys use????

Beautiful girl!
Barked: Wed Jan 21, '09 1:45pm PST 
We use a great Fleece Sweater-style coat for Kala'. The front legs go in first like a T shirt, then is closes with velcro up the back all the way to the neck. (it's high necked like a turtleneck kinda) It fights snugly because it has some stretch to it, then when it gets around freezing we use a horse blanket type jacket over it. I'll see what brand it is when I get home and let you know. puppy

Barked: Thu Jan 22, '09 1:26pm PST