Seeking fun ideas for Humane Society Fundraisers

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Whoppie !

Barked: Fri Jan 9, '09 7:37am PST 
We are having a big planning session for 2009 and would love some creative ideas for fundarisers for our small RURAL Humane Society.
We already do Bingo, Monte Carlo nights, a small dog show, Charity auction. I know there is a WEALTH of info on this site, so please share!

Thanks, Ruth and Whoppie

formerly The- Very Hungry- Puppy-pillar
Barked: Fri Jan 9, '09 8:15am PST 
Don't know if this would work for you or not, but we are also in a rural area and our shelter had a fundraiser that was pretty successful, even though I wasn't sure it would be. They had local artists paint ceramic outdoor statues of dogs and cats. The statues were displayed in a local parade/pet festival and then at local businesses throughout the summer. In the fall, they had a dinner/auction (which they also sold tickets for), where they auctioned off the statues. They made a lot of money, which surprised me as we live in a small community. I think the tourism board was also willing to help, as the statues helped bring visitors into the community while they were on display. You could pick up a map and try to find them all - it was a fun thing for kids to do.

I know in the past they've also had rubber duck races. You donate $10 for a duck, then they put all of the ducks in a creek or stream, and the first duck to cross the finish line downstream wins $100 or something like that. They bought some really cute ducks from Oriental Trading, so they weren't very expensive.

ETA: Pet photos with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, etc. are also pretty popular and not too difficult to do.

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Sydney, My- Angel, RIP

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Barked: Fri Jan 9, '09 9:22am PST 
check out goodsearch.com. Also we do a fashion show for local retailers and then the adoptable pups/kittens strut their stuff with the models as well as a silent auction. I know of some that had the dogs/cats paint a picture and then they had a "dog show" and showed the artwork and the dog and they auctioned it off with the story of the dog, a picture of the pup and his artwork. we also sell local supermarket gift cards. Our rescue gets 10% of the face value of the card.

Toby Austin

Barked: Fri Jan 9, '09 12:18pm PST 
We have a gathering in a local park where businesses pay to have a booth and exhibit their products and services. Several animal shelters and rescues have adoption booths and adopt out animals or sell t-shirts etc. Anything and everything that is even remotely associted with an animal is part of this event. They're pretty successful. I volunteered at my first one last summer and adopted out 4 dogs in one day! You could host it and your organization would be the recipient.

Good Luck!