What food are you feeding your Westie

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Barked: Thu Jan 8, '09 1:13pm PST 
We've only been using one kind since that was what our breeder was feeding him. It doesn't agree with him. A friend that has a dog with stomach sensitivity recommended Blue.

I am such a- sweetie
Barked: Thu Jan 15, '09 1:41pm PST 
I feed my three fresh Chicken with kibble....in fact its all they will eat

Good luck trying to get the balance right

Dot the- Doodlebop
Barked: Thu Jan 15, '09 6:59pm PST 
Ive found that finding the right food is a bit of a trail and error kind of job, especially for westies. Fortunately we found the right food almost 2 years after we got our first westie, and they've been on it ever since.

Ours get fed a Nutro Lamb and rice diet with NO meat or chicken treats ( Not even alittle bit). Odd meats tend to do well with wesites.

Good Luck!

Max aka Maxwell

Mr.- Personality
Barked: Mon Feb 16, '09 1:08pm PST 
I've been feeding my westies Nutro Natural Lamb & Rice. I just recently started them on the Westie diet. I found it on the California Westie Rescue website. I have also had them on the supplement Missing Link. Max was not gaining weight and his coat was not so pretty. Since being on it now for several months he looks and acts completely happy and satisfied. They are loving the Westie diet.

West Highland- White Terror
Barked: Wed Feb 18, '09 9:30pm PST 
I used Science Diet and Pedigree with my first Westie and started using it with my second pup. They are quality foods that provide your dog with what they need, but Westies are not just any dog. they are prone to skin irritations and allergies, specially if they live in a high humidity enviroment. Like Max's response I also have been using the Westie diet found on the California Westie Rescue Website. It may seem like a lot of trouble at first, but the results are worth every cent and effort (just look at me). Hope this helps Shea.
✨- Finley- ✨

Texas- Terrierist!!
Barked: Wed Feb 18, '09 11:05pm PST 
We use the Westie diet. It has really helped Finley. She used to lick her paws something awful. She loves the ground beef. My daughter's dog got used to it when she was home for 4 months. Now she demands it! Count on grandma for spoiling-hee hee!snoopy

Bath? Why do I- need a bath?
Barked: Thu May 14, '09 12:36pm PST 
My Mommie use to feed us Nutro Ultra canned. Then we all got sick and my sister, Hayley, passed away. Mommie found out it was because of the food we were eating. She normally cooks for us everyday. We get fish, lamb, chicken, turkey, bison, barley, rice, lots of fresh veggies and fruit. I hate the days we have to eat seaweed. YUCKY!!! We all get yogurt everyday too. When Mommie's not feeling too well, we get Wellness canned fish and sweet potato. Mommie says everything has to be natural and organic. My brother, Petey, has really bad allergies to food. He has a very strict diet. We're having turkey, sweet potato and green beans for dinner tonight. Mommie says we can have cherries and yogurt for our late snack tonight.
Sambuca- ღ

Sambuca - The Mood Ring!
Barked: Mon Jun 29, '09 12:33pm PST 
We love love love, Natural Balance, Duck and Potato, Small bites of course!~

Barked: Wed Apr 7, '10 5:57am PST 
Polly(mini schnauzer) and Lucy(westie) both eat Chicken Soup for Dog (puppy)
They both also eat cantaloupe, apples, cooked chicken, carrots,cooked eggs
not every day and not all things in the same day, just whenever we are having them...they also like bananas!

Barked: Wed May 26, '10 8:09pm PST 
I'm feeding my dogs Wellness dry dog food, which is a holistic brand that contains no meat byproducts, wheat or corn, which can be rough on a Westie's digestion. I chose this food after doing considerable research on the subject because earlier this year I lost an older Westie to an unexplained case of kidney failure which I have reason to believe may have been caused by a popular commercial food recommended by my vet (I've since switched vets as well as dog food!). I also cook for my dogs, a simple combination of chicken, brown rice and vegetables, which I add to their dry food in small amounts along with a teaspoon of plain organic yogurt. They seem to be thriving on this combination with no instances of skin trouble or digestive upsets.
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