Is my new ckcs brother a mixed breed?

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Barked: Wed Jan 7, '09 6:21pm PST 
My mama brought home a new playmate for me just before the new year. She got him from Petland, shame on her! But mama and papa couldn't help themselves, they think he's nearly as cute as me (I disagree).

Mama says my new little brother stays no matter what the answer may be, but she asks: do you guys think my new "purebred" pet store brother is really a purebred? he looks a we bit like a Cockalier (ckcs/cocker spaniel). After much research on the evil puppy mill industry, she wants to bring to light whatever evidence she can against lying pet store managers and the puppy mills that work with them. She thinks his American Pet Registry family tree is fake. She can't find information on any of my brother's supposed parents, grandparents, etc.

My new brother, Aubrey, doesn't have a Dogster page yet, but please do look at his pictures here: http://www.flightysprite.com/gallery/album/6/

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Barked: Wed Jan 7, '09 6:27pm PST 
Forgot one more thing! Mama got me directly from a breeder. I was the runt of the litter and I barely weigh in at 10 lbs now (I am 1 and 1/2 years old). So mama isn't sure what weight should be proper of a male cavalier puppy. At 15 weeks old, the vet recorded his weight as 11lb 5oz.
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Barked: Thu Jan 8, '09 4:59am PST 
He looks like a cav to me. You may want to take him to your breeder and ask them for a professional opinion. He is a sweet looking boy.

I hope you did read about Petland and them using puppy mills. Please make sure you get Aubrey checked out by a good vet to make sure he has no genetic issues or especially any respitorary issues. Catch this early so he has a long and healthy life.


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Barked: Fri Jan 9, '09 8:37am PST 
I guess I was just extra suspicious given that he is a petstore puppy. I am aware that not all purebreds are born with the ideal standard look for their breed.

I also E-mailed Odyssey's breeder for her opinion. She agreed with me that his snout appears a bit long and his head could be a bit flatter, but that it is possible he will "grow into it."

She also said that "There are lines of Cavaliers that produce a longer bodied, more solid, longer nosed type. This is because these features were heavily promoted on the east coast at one time for wealthy land owners who like to use their cavaliers to hunt birds (which they naturally excell at)"

It is not so important to me how pure his bloodline are, I just wanted to take advantage of any oportunity I can to cause grief to the petstore/puppy mill folks.
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He looks like a beauty to me....purebred cav! Congrats! Good luck with your 2 pups!
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Barked: Thu Jan 15, '09 9:39pm PST 
Honestly, it is hard to tell. He looks a lot like my 9 month old who is a Cockalier (7/8th CKCS and 1/8 Cocker). As weight goes, he may have just had a spurt. Pinkerton just turned 14 lbs and was 5.5 lbs when I first got him at 8 weeks. The breeder told my boyfriend that his parents were 13 and 15 lbs, but it looks like he is going to go over. Pinkerton also has the really long body and is super lanky. We both wanted a CKCS, but since we are both in our 20s and have never owned a dog of our before, we couldn't justify spending the money on a full bred CKCS yet. My little pup has been wonderful and has changed my life in so many ways, so no matter what he is I am sure you will love him. I usually just tell people Pinkerton is a King Charles, but I get worried that people who really know the breed will look at him and think that some breeder fooled me.

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He looks like a cav to me. As for his size, Spencer is purebred CKCS and at 15 months old between 25 to 30 pounds! (and it's all muscle) I call him monster dog. His breeder says all of his littermates have turned out to be over the standard weight.
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