Xylitol poisoning question! Please help!

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Barked: Mon Jan 5, '09 1:52pm PST 
My dog Ricky ate an entire package of Orbit gum on Saturday night. Luckily we caught him in the act and immediately put him in the tub and gave him 1/4 of a bottle of hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. Within 5 minutes of the entire ordeal he vomited up the gum and wrappers. After that he acted completely normal. He ate dinner that night, and ate fine the next day (sunday). I even took him on our normal run Sunday afternoon and he did fine. However, this morning he vomited and wouldn't eat his breakfast. He is not having any loose stool but does seem like he still doesn't feel good. I was wondering if this could have something to do with the gum or not. He ate exactly 12 pieces of the gum, and each piece of gum has only 0.3-0.4 g/piece of xylitol. Therefore, according to http://www.kbvetcenter.com/toxicity_bubblegum.asp Ricky would have to have eaten at least 18 pieces to be toxic. I counted the pieces that he threw up and all were accounted for except for 2 which seemed to have been chewed up into tiny white pieces.

I have an appointment to get his bloodwork run tomorrow but wanted to see if anyone had been through this before or had any information for me. Ricky weighs 75 pounds by the way. I really wouldn't worry so much since he threw the gum up, but he ALWAYS eats and his lack of appetite worries me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Try boiled chicken and rice. It is easy on the belly.

Is he drinking?

Gums pink or pale?

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He is drinking fine and gums are pink.

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I wonder if it could just be an upset tummy from vomiting?

Poor pup! So glad you caught him in the act. hug
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It sounds like you acted really quickly and were able to get up pretty much all of the gum within just a short amount of time. So I don't think it really had time to cause problems. I think that a lot of the toxic effects would show up fairly quickly due to a significant drop in blood sugar, and then other effects might take a day or two to show up (like liver damage). I did want to say though that even if the toxic level is 18 pieces of gum, there can still be toxic effects at lower levels of ingestion.

As a previous poster said, maybe the peroxide or the vomiting itself is causing some stomach irritation and that's why you're seeing the vomiting. Is it possible he got into anything else that you're not aware of? I'm glad you're at least getting him checked out tomorrow. Hopefully the blood work comes back normal and this is just due to as little stomach upset after inducing vomiting.

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Brutus can unscrew caps, and when he was younger got into my bathroom cabinet under the sink and drank hydrogen peroxide."Baby" proofed the house after that!! Obviously he vomited after that, I wasn't home but my husband had called me at work and said he spewed white foam across the sofa!I called the vet just to be sure it was nothing to panic over and my vet said he would probably be off his food for a day or so. BTW Brutus is 72 pounds.