Valentines Day Gift Exchange

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JJ"S Stinger

To sniff where- no one has- before.
Barked: Mon Jan 5, '09 12:51pm PST 
Bumping for other's to see.


Bad dog gone- good!
Barked: Mon Jan 5, '09 2:25pm PST 
Stinger my buddy, how the heck are you? Long time no see.
Hope you and your family had a great Christmas, and have a great New Year too.
Me and Cosmo would love to do the Valentines Gift Exchange again this year. We had a ball doing it last year.
If you need any help or want me to put a posting up in the plus forum let me know.
Talk soon wave

Josie loves- Tyler!
Barked: Sat Jan 10, '09 6:57am PST 
Hi, I had fun last year. Count me in again, please!blue dog

JJ"S Stinger

To sniff where- no one has- before.
Barked: Sun Jan 11, '09 7:26pm PST 
hug Hi Benne,

Wow it is so great to see you online and all. last year VD exchange was lots of fun. So far it looks like it just 3 folks wanting in on this.


I hope it is a hit like last year. if I need your help. I will for sure ask for your paw. thank you for the offer.

way to go