Where's the best place online to buy dog collars?

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Barked: Mon Nov 10, '08 3:46pm PST 
thanks for your help with this. louie needs a new collar. and maybe a sweater. thanks.

PS Here's something cool I just got Louie. if you get the new Bolt Video Game online by November 17th you get the official Bolt Dog Bowl and Food Scoop for FREE. Here's the link...

http://disneyshopping.go.com/disney/store/DSIProductDisplay?cata logId=10002&storeId=10051&productId=1237958&langId=-1&categoryId=143 78&CMP=OTL-TWDC_DIS&att=Bolt

Barked: Tue Nov 11, '08 6:36pm PST 
I work for Coach and my Westie has a matching collar and leash. They are $68 each but it depends on really how much you want to spend. My mother has a Wheaten and Golden Doodle who just have collars she bought from Petco (I bought them Coach collars and leashes for them for Christmas this year). Good luck!!
Romé- (pronounced- Romey)

I Poop Where I- Want!
Barked: Thu Nov 13, '08 10:05am PST 
You can check out my mom's store, she's got lots of collars and sweaters to chose from: www.thehautehound.com
And she offers free shipping for all dogster members, just enter promo code "dogster" during checkout.


God of Light
Barked: Sun Nov 16, '08 10:29am PST 
I got mine at Etsy and I am totally in love with it.

I spent a month looking for the perfect collar for my little boy and I would say I thought Etsy had the best choices.
Kaya- 1996-2011

Too cute for my- own good!
Barked: Sun Nov 16, '08 1:16pm PST 
try www.thepanachepooch.com
or www.aroundthehounds.com

I haven't bought from them but they look great! A bit expensive though. Good luck!
Kaya- 1996-2011

Too cute for my- own good!
Barked: Sun Nov 16, '08 1:17pm PST 
Oh, and for coats,

Again, expensive, but neat! smile

I'm pretty & I- know it!
Barked: Sun Nov 16, '08 6:37pm PST 
Doggie Stylish

My mom makes all kinds of dog collars & they are reasonably priced, too. Starting at 8$ for the fabric ones, that's a pretty good deal for handmade goodness!!

Barked: Sun Nov 23, '08 4:50pm PST 
Thomas Jacob- Madsen

Daddy is that- you?
Barked: Mon Nov 24, '08 10:05am PST 
I really like the upcountry collars, however, I just ordered Thomas a breed specific aussie collar that I finally found smile
Wyatt- Paisley

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Barked: Tue Nov 25, '08 5:44am PST 
www.collarshop.com has all blingy collars and leashes, we bought our dog's wedding collar from there.
And where I live, www.moochieandco.com is a very nice pet store!
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