Supplements and meds - how to feed

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Barked: Fri Nov 7, '08 9:38pm PST 
Question du jour. How do you give your dogs any supplements or medications they need? Yesterday it worked to just toss them into the bowl with the chicken, and Byron was so obsessed with the meat he licked everything clean. Today he was smarter. I'm thinking of grinding up a small amount of meat and mixing the stuff in. I hate to pill him because his long-suffering, pleading, put-upon look just pierces me... cry

Besides, it'll give me a use for that Tupperware mini hand blender I wasted money on.

If you're giving powders, can you just pat it into the meat like seasoning? Do they fall for it?
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Barked: Fri Nov 7, '08 10:37pm PST 
I usually slip the pill in the food-- under the skin of the chicken or in a crevice or between a torn open bit of meat. Powders I pour on top of the food, then I add some salmon oil and some warm water and mix so that the meat juice, oil and water and powder get all mushed together and touching a lot of the meat.

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for supplements I mix them into a little ground meat. for pills I just put them in a bit of hot dog and down they go.

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Barked: Sat Nov 8, '08 2:12am PST 
I feed my GSD her incontinence medication wrapped up in a treat. It's not a very good brand of treats, but it is very soft and I can mold it almost like play dough, so it comes in handy. Cookie will not eat it unless it almost completely covers her pill.

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Barked: Sat Nov 8, '08 2:54am PST 
Von used to be easy with me placing in food dish or in peanut butter. But now he has gotten smarter. So now I just hold his mouth open from the top of his snout and place it in the back of his tongue so he doesn't spit it out.

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Since Sassy gets her supplements in peanut butter and honey, that is how I get my pills. I lick and lick the spoon after wards and never mind that I am getting a pill - it is just sort of in the way and I swallow them fine.

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Gio gets his liquid meds shot straight into his mouth from a syringe. Pills I just push into whatever food he is getting. If it is a solid piece of meat, make a little cut with some shears and push the pill in. Hide it in any ground meat he is eating.

Raw chicken hearts are nature's little pill pockets!
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Hi, My Buster in a canine cancer survivor. He takes mega amounts of supplements. He is very fussy and would always pick them out of his dog food bowl(RAW diet). He loves cream cheese! I just coat his pills with it and he thinks he's getting a treat! Give it a try... and pass on the cream cheese... or peanut butter works toowave

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I tend to use cream cheese too. Scooter loves the salmon flavored philly brand soft one. Ever since his HGE episode, he's not big on liquid meds being syringed, so I've found several "mixers": Evo's 95% canned, tuna juice, baby food, yogurt, or cottage cheese.

In the last year before Hans went to the bridge, he was on a ton of supplements. He got savy to the PB and even the cheese tricks, so I went to bread and butter balls. I'd feed him several that weren't laced, in quick succession, then slide the laced ones in.

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Drop them into their afternoon snack of Nupro and yogurt. Nupro is liver based, so the smell hides everything. Even fussy Lily takes them this way. But the Nupro is almost empty. I don't know what we will do then. Plain yogurt won't hide anything.

For Moira, I can just toss her whatever she needs, but Lily is much more discerning.