Lucky has crossed the bridge

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

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if you cook it i- will try to eat- it
Barked: Wed Oct 29, '08 8:13pm PST 
Our three dogs got out of our yard on Monday morning. We found Digger right away. Hurley and Lucky were still missing, until this morning my husband Justin got a call from the pound that Lucky had been hit by a car on Tuesday night and passed away from her injuries. We are still unsure of the location of Hurley, I don't know what to do we have posted flyers throughout the neighbourhood and have gone door to door with flyers for Hurley. I am feeling alot of guilt for Luckys passing as I am the one who shooed them outside to play. Can anyone offer some advice on what to do to help cope with the loss?little angel
Cisco Kid

Free Kisses!!!
Barked: Wed Oct 29, '08 10:20pm PST 
hug Lucky hug
Charley "R.I.P My Boy"

I'm a Lover, not- a fighter
Barked: Thu Oct 30, '08 10:11am PST 
I am so sorry for Lucky but you cant blame yourself for what happened. All you did was let them in the yard. They were the ones that strayed off the property. My cat Rikki got hit by a car so I know how you are feeling right now. My dogs now try digging under the fence. I fear that they will dig out when I take my eyes off them and run. Some things in life are beyond our control. Just know that Lucky is safe now. No one will ever hurt her again. My Charley will keep an eye on her. I really pray that you find Hurley safe. hughug

Elsa Our- Guardian- Angel

Elsa Our Forever- Friend
Barked: Thu Oct 30, '08 10:21am PST 
I am very sorry for your loss of Lucky. Some things like this are just out of our control. Dogs will be dogs. I hope Hurley is going to be home very soon. Do not feel guilt. You could not predict nor prevent them escaping the yard.
We will watch over Lucky here at the bridge. Sending hugs to your family and magic angel dust to help locate your Hurley.
Please do not feel guilt.little angellittle angellittle angel

Barked: Thu Oct 30, '08 2:47pm PST 
We dogs sometimes have a mind of our own. Do not feel guilty. About a year ago, I ran out of the house and was half way down the street before my mommy could get me. I was lucky that my mom caught up to me.

If you are in North Carolina , try posting Harley's information on lassiecomehomenc.org/index.html. If you are not in North Carolina, hopefully the state you are in has a similiar website.
Magic (- Angel Girl )

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Barked: Thu Oct 30, '08 7:02pm PST 
hughughug Lucky hughughug
Prayers that Hurley is found and comes home.
Aloha, magic
little angel

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Barked: Thu Oct 30, '08 9:26pm PST 
Thank you to everyone. Being a part of dogster groups has really helped. I feel now that Lucky has gotten over her fear of big dogs(silly since she was a giant herself) and is playing with everyone at the bridge. I hope Hurley is safe and well and if not I hope that she finds sweet Lucky waiting for her.huglittle angelhug
Kodiak- forever our- Angel

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Barked: Thu Oct 30, '08 9:50pm PST 

So sorry for the tragic loss of your Lucky. The photos on her
page show such a beautiful girl! Please don't blame yourself.
This was just a terrible accident. You had no way of knowing
what would happen. Dogs tend to wander if given the slightest
chance. Thankfully you still have Digger. Our prayers will
be that Hurley gets home to you soon.
little angellittle angellittle angelLuckylittle angellittle angellittle angel
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Barked: Fri Oct 31, '08 5:06am PST 
,I am so sorry for your loss, frown, It is not your fault, Me and my family will prayer for you and your family, hughughughughughug
~Angel (RIP- 11/20/07)~

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Barked: Fri Oct 31, '08 6:51am PST 
Lucky is here and playing with all of us! Please do not worry about that. little angel

hug Lucky and family hug
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