Females naughtier than males?

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Barked: Sun Oct 26, '08 1:48pm PST 
I was reading an article about corgis and it said that the females are more independent, bossy, and less affectionate than male corgis. My girls a sweety but she is very bossy to her big brother A.J. and is the queen of the house (but that's just the corgi in her.) What do you think? (Of course each individual dog will be different but in general what do you think?) thinking
Queenie- Gismo

Barked: Thu Nov 13, '08 4:28pm PST 
Yep! With most breeds males are the dominant sex but not with corgis!!! My girl rules the house.

I wonder what it would be like to have a nice mellow male corgilaugh out loud