"Pit Bulls VS. Labs" why must it always be like this?

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Changing one- mind at a time - APBT style
Barked: Sat Sep 20, '08 5:41pm PST 
I'm not trying to generalize, but I see this a lot, especially in my own county. But I see a lot of Lab owners that completely tear down Pit Bull owners...well mostly their dogs (which usually gets the Pit Bull owners riled up and they start bashing the other person's breed) and have this "I'm better than you because my breed NEVER bites people" attitude. I just don't get it, why does it have to be one breed "versus" another breed? Why can't people see that ANY dog can attack if provoked, not socialized, or trained to attack and just get over themselves? And why does this seem to be so prevelant among Lab and Pit Bull owners...I constantly see these two bashing heads, I don't even see it so much with owners of other breeds, but I see these two coliding frequently and almost daily in the county I reside in, it's so frequent it's almost become a stereotype for Lab owners to hate Pit Bulls/Pit Bull owners and vise versa.

I guess what makes me the most confused is that BOTH of these breeds are in excess in our local shelter, both are overbred in general (especially where I reside, I see on any given day at least one "Pit Bull pups for sale" ad and at least three "Lab puppies for sale" ad in the paper every week), both are common breeds that are kept by druggies (especially black Labs) in this county, and by people who live in the not-so-nice parts of town, AND both breeds are popular companion dogs because of their general people-loving attitudes. They're both in the same boat.

Has anyone else seen this or is it just me, because I see it a LOT? Also, why is it that people who have a "Pit Bull" "can't" own a Lab or people who own a Lab "can't" own a "Pit Bull"...that's another thing I see people whining about around where I reside. Personally, I love both breeds and would like to have a chance to have one of each (or a mix of both breeds) during my lifetime...and for some reason I've had a lot of people say I'm weird because of this fact.

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In loving- memory of- Lilo

Support bully- love. Ban BSL.
Barked: Sun Sep 21, '08 12:08am PST 
I actually have never seen it. Actually, I know quite a few people in my general area with a pit bull and a lab and I'm a casual aquantince with a lab owner. He has the most gorgeous yellow lab. And, sadly, around here- you see a lot of ads in the paper for "lab-pit mixes".

The common head bashing dog owners are here are chihuahua owners and pit bull owners. But, I break the rules there, too as I own both. red face

Changing one- mind at a time - APBT style
Barked: Sun Sep 21, '08 11:31am PST 
That's another thing I see is "small" dog owners vs. "big" dog owners, and "purebred" dog owners vs. "mixed breed" dog owners...my opinion is why should it matter, they're all dogs, they've all been bred to be at least somewhat loyal to and loving toward humans, and they all feel pain, joy, and sorrow. I hate seeing self-labelling "dog lovers" saying "I hate breed X"...granted, I'm sure we all have preferences when it comes to dog breeds, sizes, genders and appearances, but hating any whole breed of dog and calling one's self an animal lover...isn't it kind of an oxymoron? Then again, BS like racial "supremecy" still exists so I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised.


Luna Beast
Barked: Sun Sep 21, '08 6:09pm PST 
I dont see that either but do come across a lot of people who think Luna will one day attack me or my other dogs...its annoying..but theres also a lot of people who love pitts and don't believe the lies!
In loving- memory of- Lilo

Support bully- love. Ban BSL.
Barked: Mon Sep 22, '08 2:06pm PST 
"but hating any whole breed of dog and calling one's self an animal lover...isn't it kind of an oxymoron?"


That would be like saying you love children, but hate children from a certain part of the world. Or that you love cats, but hate the hairless cats. Or that you love all people, but hate a certain race, sex or religion. It's an oxymoron.

I love all dogs. And, personally, I don't even have a preference. I love small dogs, big dogs, medium dogs, large dogs, mastiff dogs, toy dogs, sporting dogs, hound dogs, working dogs... I'm a dog freak. smile

The small dog VS big dog thing is the most common one around here. I think on my entire block, I'm the only household with big dogs AND small dogs and not just one or the other. No... theres one other lady. She has a pit bull and a handful of small dogs. smile

Lord give me- patience
Barked: Fri Oct 3, '08 1:58pm PST 
I guess I'm fortunate, where we live I don't see any of that. I do agree with Lilo. It is an oxymoron. If we as dog owners don't stick together and get Breed specific laws changed none of us will be able to own any dogs. And this will affect small dog owners as well.shrug

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Lucy Fur,- CGC, TDI, TT

Shelter Dogs- Need Love Too!
Barked: Mon Oct 6, '08 7:56am PST 
I dont see it either, but Los Angeles is a fairly liberal city when it comes to dogs. I actually dont run into much breed prejudice, quite the opposite actually - I find that people are very supportive of the Pit Bull breed.

Funny story - I bring Lucy with me to work every day and the owners of the company I work for bring their two Labs to work also. Lucy sleeps all day under my desk, in her bed. The Labs roam the office and have "accidents" all over the place. The Labs have actually chased vendors out of the office and into the parking lot while the "baby killer" is knocked out in her bed. Isnt it ironic?

Once You Go- Brindle, You- Never Go Back
Barked: Mon Oct 6, '08 5:18pm PST 
I've seen a lot of this. My pup is a mix of both Lab and Pit. But since he looks more pit (the face) I get dirty looks from Lab owners or any small dog breed owners. They thought he was cute when he was the size of a Chihuahua when he was 2 months old. But now I walk by the same people and they take their dogs inside because they think he will attack them

I don't understand why people can't except any breed. It just seems im,possible because each owner thinks their dog is the best breed. Oh Well, I guess it will just have to be that way until people realize their is no such thing as a 'bad breed'

I am the- Chocolate boy!
Barked: Wed Oct 8, '08 8:42pm PST 
I hope I am welcomed here as a lab owner. I am not against pit bulls or pit bull owners at all. In fact my aunt has had 3 pitbulls ( now 2 one was stolen) One of their pit bulls actually their first one which has made them love the breed I had helped rescue. I love pit bulls and when I am done with college, start my career and maybe start my own family I would love to rescue one. I have nothing against their owners or them. I love them and their pittie grins.

What I am against is when people tell me my dog should be banned because labs are way more vicious then labs. I do not like it when people start pinpointing our breeds. Every day I have to explain my dog is not a pit bull. My dog is just as friendly and as well behaved as other pit bulls I have seen. The only place I have seen Belgian act up is the vet but that is because he is deathly afriad of the vet and is traumatized a he had to have emergency surgery as a pup and we had no time to get him prepared. It still haunts him today and he is incredibly tense. I was actually laughed at by a pit bull owner because my dog was literally having a panic attack. I didn't think it was funny at all. If I saw that I would do best to try and help not laugh at the person because it is obvious the dog is scared and unhappy. Belgian is bigger then alot of the pitt bulls around here as well. I am guessing that guys pitbull was in the 50's 60's lbs. range. Belgian is a solid 100 lbs. Handling a 100 pound dog while he is having panic attacks is not very fun at all. He wasn't aggresive but he was trying to flee the area and wouldn't let anyone near him.
I have really close friends who are pit bull and english bull terrier owners and their dogs are always welcomed at our house to play.

My point is sometimes us lab owners are tired of having to defend our selves. Just like you guys have to defend your selves to the whole world, we also have to defend our selves.

Again I have nothing against pit bull owners or their dogs. I want BSL to be banned. The thing I have a problem with is when pit bull owners or any owner for that matter tell stories to make our breeds look bad or tell lies about our breeds.

many lab owners that I know are against BSL and want to get rid of it. I know people with labs and pitties. We are all in this together and we shouldn't make anyone else look bad either.

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Every dog needs- a job mines- alarm clock
Barked: Sat Oct 11, '08 6:16pm PST 
AS I have said before we live in a cul de sac where everyone seems to on a dog.Labs,golden retrievers,boston terriers,cocker spaniels ect.(I adore them all). Eliza is the only pitty baby.I rty to make every-one see her daily how great and sweet she is.I think they even look @ us different for wanting her.My fiance is now a "thug" and I'm not concerned for our childrens safety.I am concerned thats why I chose an APBT>Because her love for us is as endless as ignorant people!!
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