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Barked: Tue Sep 16, '08 6:31pm PST 
has anyone heard anything negative about the Wellness brand of dry dog food? I use the Weight control version. Just heard the sad story about the dog that ate pedigree and it had salmonella in it, and he passed away. Help- need info on anything being recalled or bad stuff? Please educate us dog lovers...

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Barked: Tue Sep 16, '08 8:11pm PST 
Wellness has never had a problem. It's an entirely different class of food from the junk made by Mars (Pedigree parent company).

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Barked: Tue Sep 16, '08 9:20pm PST 
I used to feed my cat wellness when I had her and she did very well on it. I really like it alot and if they made a small bites without chicken in it Kory would be eating it too. Instead he eats their vegetarian treats with yogurt, apple and bananas. Yummy!

It's a high quality food and if you like grain free they have Core formulas too.

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Barked: Tue Sep 16, '08 11:35pm PST 
Wellness is a great brand, never been involved in any recalls, and we have only heard great things about them. We used to feed the fish and sweet potato to our pug that we thought had food allergies. Super 5 mix has been feed to some of our pack as well. Nothing bad to say about Wellness.

Rule of thumb in general is if you can buy the food at the grocery store, it is NOT a high quality food. In fact, we won't even buy food from the grocery store to donate, including Iams, Pedigree, etc. All of the foods supplied there contain corn gluten meal, which is a very high allergen food, and most contain by-products, generic meats and fats (ex. animal fat, chicken by-product, meat by-product, etc,)

It is FAR worth the extra expense to feed a better food to avoid the vet bills from allergies, and other health issues caused by cheap foods.

For more info, check out Dog Food Project

Hope this helps. Bon Apetite!!

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Willy Moo

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Barked: Wed Sep 17, '08 10:36am PST 
we just started feeding willy wellness and i hope the quality stays the same.
i hope that now that they sell it at Petco it wont go down the tubes

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Barked: Wed Sep 17, '08 11:07am PST 
I love wellness! Daisy had been put on the weight control food this past winter. She got a little heavy bol. It worked wonders to get the weight off her and keep it off. Otherwise they were on the super 5 chickem. My dogs did wonders on it. I switched recently. I wasnt to happy about changing at first. I really like the company and my dogs love their food. Just Daisy started to have the runs all the time. Nothing worked so I had to switch to orijen fish. I am happy now with the switch because I dont have to always wash her pooey fluff bum anymore! But I did really like Wellness.

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Barked: Wed Sep 17, '08 7:00pm PST 
Daddy has been on Wellness (Lamb Super 5 Mix) for a month now and despite feeding him more than is recommended on the package, he has lost a significant amount of weight since being on it (which isn't good for him since he's already a lean-built guy), I've never had that problem with any of the other foods he was on, even ones that had grain (Natural Balance). Maybe it's just an issue with him specifically.

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Barked: Wed Sep 17, '08 8:25pm PST 
Kuma eats CORE Ocean as part of his rotation, unless he snubs it (he is snubbing any food that I put in his bowl without cottage cheese, nowadays)... laugh out loud It is an excellent food with excellent ingredients. My sister also feeds her dogs Wellness, but they used the small breed formula. Yummmmm!!! blue dog