I wanna be the most corralled dog

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Miss Matches

Ball? Where?
Barked: Mon Sep 1, '08 7:53pm PST 
Help me reach this goal please??cheercheercheer
Elsie Bella- Puddin Pie

~Sweet- as pie~ -
Barked: Mon Sep 8, '08 1:06pm PST 
I will certainly help you Ms. Matches!
Ginger ♥ [rehomed]

Am I squeezing- you too tight?- <3
Barked: Thu Sep 11, '08 11:08am PST 


I'm a Mama's Boy
Barked: Thu Sep 11, '08 6:59pm PST 
You are now corralled.

I lvoe my mom,- the bestest
Barked: Sun Sep 28, '08 8:53am PST 
Corraled you

Gone, But Not- Forgotten.
Barked: Sun Sep 28, '08 9:13am PST 
Gotcha in my corral! Goals are good for furbabies!

I was born to be- loved.
Barked: Mon Sep 29, '08 5:56pm PST 
just corralled you always your pal Tiki

Have Teeth, will- Chew
Barked: Wed Oct 1, '08 12:33pm PST 
No sooner said then done.
Abigal Von Housen

I just love to- watch the "Dog- Whisperer"
Barked: Wed Oct 1, '08 9:22pm PST 
I am new. What does being corralled mean?
Macy, FMch- 12/1/01 - 1/13/14

Get up off the- couch and let's- play!
Barked: Thu Oct 2, '08 9:00am PST 
We corralled you, too! good luck! hamster dance