Is there an Ottawa co-op?

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Snow dog
Barked: Wed Jul 23, '08 2:17pm PST 
Hi, folks!

No news is good news . . . I haven't been posting lately because after the first couple of weeks, my guys seem to be doing really well. THANKS again for all the support and encouragement.

We're still learning, since it's only been a couple of months. smile

Just wondering if anyone knows of a meat-buying co-op in the Ottawa area??

Thanks again!

Audrey, Chaucer and Cleo

The Wise Cracker
Barked: Wed Jul 23, '08 2:37pm PST 
I haven't seen a co-op for Ottawa, but have you checked these groups? Sometimes I see people posting that they have an abundance of things they'd like to get rid of.

htt p://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/CFS-Canada/
http://pets.groups.yaho o.com/group/Ontario_feeds_raw/
http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/R awDogCanada/

Snow dog
Barked: Wed Jul 23, '08 2:41pm PST 
Het, Sedona -

THANKS! I'll check them out, and hopefully, I can find one, or maybe start one, if need be. I can't be the only rawfeeder here! smile


Proud to be a- kitchen wolf!!!
Barked: Wed Jul 23, '08 8:47pm PST 
Unfortunately there's not much going on co-op or group wise yet in Canada. A website you can find at: http://www.dogaware.com/dogfeeding.html#co-ops is the best list of groups in North America. 3 listings for Canada are at the bottom. As far as I know our group in Calgary is the only actual buyers group that exists here, but there are other companies that deal with raw food for a profit. I think it's high time that more buyers groups and co-ops started here in Canada!

Snow dog
Barked: Thu Jul 24, '08 7:42am PST 
Hi, Meridian -

Thanks - I agree with you that it's high time we had more groups here in Canada. I belong to another rawfeeding list, and some of the low meat prices people have mentioned there are beyond belief! smile

Since I have two large dogs, it's pretty expensive to buy "meaty" meat at grocery store or butcher prices, and I believe a co-op or buying group would significantly reduce costs.

Good for you, Calgary!

Barked: Thu Jul 24, '08 8:39am PST 
Definitely go on the CanadianRawsupply site on yahoo (link posted above) and do a search for `Ottawa` or check the files. I know I have read some Ottawa stuff on there in the past, but I can`t remember exactly what for!

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Barked: Thu Jul 24, '08 5:36pm PST 
Glad to hear that you're doing well! I just wanted to point out that if there isn't an Ottawa co-op, you could make one. smile

Snow dog
Barked: Fri Jul 25, '08 5:18am PST 
Checked out the links kindly provided - thanks! So far, have not found a co-op even close to where I am.

I guess I'll have to look into starting one! smile