A Sad farewell to our Lucy

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

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Lucy - Rest in- Peace, LuLu

Ban the deed,- not the breed!
Barked: Thu May 8, '08 2:35pm PST 
To all of Lucy's many Pup Pals,

Yesterday, May 7th, we sent our sweet girl, Lucy, to the Rainbow Bridge. Lucy's body could no longer serve her indomitable spirit and it was time to let her go. She is now once again running, playing and chasing the birds and squiggels, just as she did before her body failed her. We will surely be seeing her again in our dreams, and she will remain forever in our hearts. Never will we forget the joy and love she brought us, nor the lessons she taught us of living life to its utmost with integrity, humor, selflessness and extraordinary determination.

We adopted Lucy (formerly, "Marcy") from the Humane Society Silicon Valley on December 29, 2004. As a senior dog with more than her share of physical challenges, at the time of her adoption we anticipated Lucy might only be with us six months or so. However, we sorely underestimated Lucy's tenacity and strength of will. She graced our lives for nearly three and half years, every minute of which we treasured. Though her last six months were fraught with struggle, Lucy never let her handicap get in the way of enjoying her life or showering us with her unconditional love.

To our Lucy girl, we now sadly say goodbye and ask that you keep her in your thoughts as she journeys toward her next life ... o'er the rainbow and into everlasting peace.

Our hugs to you all,
☆Edie,- NPC☆

Play- nice!!
Barked: Thu May 8, '08 3:13pm PST 
What a beautiful, loving tribute to this beautiful grrrl, Lucy's hooman. Dog blesslittle angellittle angellittle angel

Always hug your- puppy...
Barked: Thu May 8, '08 3:23pm PST 
hughug Lucy hughug I am so thankful that you were cared for and loved in your later years....take care special girl...hughug

♥Usdi- 1997-2006

Love is- forever...
Barked: Thu May 8, '08 3:25pm PST 
We are so very sorry for the loss of your precious little Lucy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Neville @ The Rainbow Bridge

Forever Loved
Barked: Thu May 8, '08 3:42pm PST 
Bless you for taking in a senior dog in need. Lucy was very lucky to spend her final years surrounded by love and comfort.

My thoughts and warm wishes are with you at this time.

Lucy - Rest in- Peace, LuLu

Ban the deed,- not the breed!
Barked: Thu May 8, '08 5:48pm PST 
Thank you all for your kind words and warm thoughts. Lucy sends to you all her sincerest thanks and doggie-kisses from heaven above.
Cherokee- Forever- Loved Cherry

Our Precious- Angel Cherry
Barked: Thu May 8, '08 6:32pm PST 
little angellittle angelWelcome to the Bridge Lucylittle angellittle angel

hughug Lucy & Family hughug

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~Angel (RIP- 11/20/07)~

Busy sprinkling- angel dust all- day
Barked: Fri May 9, '08 7:52am PST 
hug Welcome Lucy hug I was a senior pup too when I was adopted the last time.

Lots of love and friends up here at the Bridge. Let's watch over your family together. little angellittle angel

I am the Keeper
Barked: Fri May 9, '08 2:27pm PST 
bless you for giving her the extra time. she knew she was loved so very much.

angel feather kisses to you

It's a wonderful- life!
Barked: Fri May 9, '08 4:10pm PST 
We are so sorry for the passing of beautiful Lucy.cry
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