Petsmart Bans Bully-Breeds

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Lickers to all- dogs big and- small!
Barked: Sun Apr 20, '08 6:45am PST 
Check out the requirements for Doggy Day Camp...


Who may attend?

Dogs at least five months of age
Dogs who have been socialized with
other dogs but are not of the “bully
breed” classification† or wolves/wolf
Dogs who are in good health (no fleas, ticks, or contagious illnesses)
No intact (unneutered) male dogs, pregnant females or females in heat
Dogs who have the following vaccinations: Bordetella, Rabies, Distemper, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus

†Dogs in the "bully breed" classification (e.g. American Pit Bull Terriers, Miniature Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Bull Dogs, Bull Terriers or mixed breeds that have the appearance or characteristics of one of these breeds). For the safety of all animals and associates, and at the discretion of PetSmart, some pets may not be permitted.

Is this ridiculous or what? Where will it end?

You can view the site @

All legs and no- tail
Barked: Sun Apr 20, '08 8:52am PST 
I wish they would judge on a case to case basis. That's what temperament tests are for! Bull Terriers, in particular, are some of the friendliest dogs I've ever met. Scratch that, I've never even met an aggressive bully breed in my life. Aggression exists in all breeds, which is why I don't understand the exclusion of one group.

can i follow- you???
Barked: Sun Apr 20, '08 11:13am PST 
ugh...what utter garbage!!!!

sadly, my springer could NEVER attend a doggy day camp, or go to the dog park, because she is dog aggressive...but according to that, she's allowed!! now, i'm not stupid enough to bring her...but like the above poster stated, TEMP TEST!!!!!

♥- Fiona

born to be- pampered
Barked: Sun Apr 20, '08 11:50am PST 
Next they'll be banning the bully breeds from their stores all together. Maybe the bullies should boycott the store. I agree with temperment testing.

Being sassy is- my profession.
Barked: Sun Apr 20, '08 12:13pm PST 
I agree it's wrong, but don't take it out on the individual stores. I just had an interview for a job at the PetsHotel, and they explained the policy to me. The manager felt so bad about it and she hates that it's a policy, because she and everyone that works there knows that BSL sucks, but there's nothing they can do about it since it's a corporate policy. Write letters/contact corporate if you want to try and change it!

And you can still take the "bully breeds" to the hotel to stay and have individual play, they just can't participate in the group day camp. frown

Morgan, your dog would NOT be allowed to attend if he's dog-aggressive, because they DO temp-test before they let your dog play in day camp. But again, he could still board and get individual playtime with the associates.

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All legs and no- tail
Barked: Sun Apr 20, '08 1:51pm PST 
Abby, I understand it's not the store's or the worker's faults. However, I could not work for a company if I was in that much disagreement with a policy. Maybe if enough people quit, the idea would go through? shrug It is so sad, and I wish there was more the public could do. I don't think letters do much, because it's all about money. That's why I don't use their services.

I wish a temperament test was the final say, not a dog's breed. Stereotying and generalizations are not the way to understanding.

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Cassie 6/9/2000-10/14/2012

Feed me!!!
Barked: Sun Apr 20, '08 4:06pm PST 
Something else I noticed that is just as terrible is that No intact males are allowed, nor pregnant females or females in heat. But it seems they do allow intact females. Why?????

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Ball, ball,- ball!
Barked: Sun Apr 20, '08 6:00pm PST 
I know. I read this exact problem in a past Dogster forum. It's totally discriminitive, and I believe it's ridiculous. I know plenty of sweet and kinds bully breed dogs. Why shouldn't they be able to be trained or taken care of? I recommend not shopping at PetSmart.
Go to Petco or any other local pet store. As for all you sweet and nice bully breed dogs out there, I feel so sorry that stupid PetSmart can't even allow bully breed dogs. I know there are many people out there who would kindly watch or train a bully breed dog.

Jenny and Jax
Douglas Kekoa

dig, dig, dig,- bark, bark,- bark, dig,
Barked: Sun Apr 20, '08 6:36pm PST 
Camp Bow Wow which is in a few areas, also doesn't allow "bully" breeds. It's also anothe corporate decision, but it's still in place for all their locations (as far as I know).
Turner - Gone Too- Soon

Hi I'm Turner- Wanna Smell My- Butt?
Barked: Sun Apr 20, '08 8:32pm PST 
Ignorance is bliss... once again we are judged by the "bad apples" of the bunch. I wouldn't board Turner at a Petsmart if you paid me double!! I perfer to board him at a private kennel that I have established a relationship with. We're not offended - they're just plain ignorant!! Sad fpr them!!cry
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