Pee pad training?

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Barked: Mon Mar 10, '08 9:53pm PST 
Ok, in this forum I've read a lot of dogs that are being house trained using pee pads. And - maybe coincidentally - a lot of the posts where questions are raised about potty training and frustration about accidents include the fact that these dogs are using pee pads.

I have never used pee pads. All our dogs have been trained to go outside, either on their own through a doggie door or give us a signal to go out. We've never used pee pads.

I am also surprised to read that certain people have the dog go IN the crate as their bathroom (!).

Isn't that totally against their nature?

Help me get some clarification here. I understand that some people don't have a backyard and it might be difficult to get the dogs out, especially when they are puppies. But still....

Something tells me that this is not the best way to go...thinking
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We live in an apartment and we have had Matilda since she was 1 1/2 ( she is 3 now) and so she was already potty trained but we have her go potty outside, since we dont have a yard I take her out lke every 3 hours if she doesnt bark to go potty, but if she does give us a signal, we take her out on the leash.

We got Lizzie on Valentines day of this year. She just turned 8 weeks old today, we potty trained her a week after we got her so when she was 6 weeks old, she ocasionally has accidents, but she is a puppy and they do that BOL. Right now we have her going potty on Puppy pads, since we live in an apartment and there is a bunch of dogs that live there and stray dogs that run around outside our backdoor where we take Matilda potty and and Lizzie hasnt had all her shots yet, but when she is done with all her shots, she will go potty outside like Matilda

But I would NEVER use puppy pads for a dogs whole life. because sometimes Lizzie misses the pad and goes potty on the floor ( but her front paws are still on the padlaugh out loud) and its just easier to take them outside because they have a bigger area to go in so its impossible for them to misslaugh out loud and plus, I hate the smell! Our house smells like pee, ever since we got Lizzie. So I cant wait till she gets to go potty outside!!

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I used pee pads for Monty for the first 7 or 8 months I had him. It was an absolute disaster--the house house reeked all the time, he pissed the pad often, and he didn't consistently poop on it, since he likes to wander while he's pooping, so there was always poop on the carpet, too.

After I moved into a house with a yard and stopped using pee pads, I had to retrain him from scratch. It took a couple of months, since he was used to it being okay to potty in the house, but it was WAY easier than dealing with the pads, and after I did I was so relieved. No accidents, no gross smell!

I think a lot of people underestimate how long their pups can hold it. When I first got Monty (at 10 weeks/2lbs) I was working and going to school, both full time. I was away for 16 hours a day (with a 30 minute break in the middle to walk and play with him) and he would usually have one accident a day, and judging from the nanny cam it was always at about the same time--7 hours after I left.


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I've literally never heard of one single instance of a dog who has used these having a good outcome with housetraining.

They just simply go against the whole concept of housetraining.

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I used to think pee pads were an absolute no no until I used them to potty train my dog without a yard. And no, I don't believe they are a good idea for the first time dog owner. We got Sammy, a red heeler, when he 11 weeks old from a breeder on a ranch and were completely ready for a dog other than the fact that our yard wasn't fenced. I believe that dogs aren't capable of holding their pee or poo until they are six months so I wasn't not going give him a proper place for him to do his business. I bought a large cat box and put a potty pad in there. He used it immediately and I praised him. I soon began associating pee with the phrase "go potty" and pooping with the phrase "go poo poo" as he got older I bought a huge cat box (this one http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4217935&lmdn=Pro duct+Type&f=PAD%2FpsNotAvailInUS%2FNo)he was approaching the six month of his life and he knew the go potty command so we began taking him outside every 2-3 hours. It didn't work the first time, he looked at me like I was nuts. As soon as we went back inside he peed in his box so I took the pee pad outside and rubbed it on the grass. The next time I took Sam outside to potty I took him to the spot with the pee and we didn't have any problems with potty training after that. We weaned him off the boxes, cleaned them up real good and stuck them in the closet. We will occasionally bring them back out if he is having really bad diarrhea but other than that, he goes outside.

I would be very hesitant about doing this with a breed that is generally not as willing to please their owners as much as a Queensland is, such as a Pekinese or french bulldog. But every dog is different as well as every owner and the relationship between the two. I just wanted to let whoever is interested know that it is possible to use potty pads without creating a monster, although with the wrong people, I still believe it can be a big no no.

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I'm not a fan of them at all, but I can see their positive implications in a situation of a young unvaccinated pup in an apartment situation.
Better to keep the pup inside and totally hinder the housebreaking process than to risk parvo.

Aside from that, I personally find them unsanitary. Especially after learning in class about all the bacteria and potential pathogens in feces. I wouldn't want that sitting in the corner of my home.

To each their own though.

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When I first brought Parker home I was in an apartment with no private backyard near a low end trailer park, so I had to use pee pads to ensure his safety - he only had one round of shots so not fully immune. For a lot of people, it's their only option...and yes it's beyond frustrating and stinky but its what some of us have to do smile now we are home with my parents and he has a nice big, private backyard so I'm happier and he is too. He is still having accidents if I don't take him out every 20 (!) mins, but he "gets it" better now that he's going outside.

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zombie thread...it's 5 years old people laugh out loud

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Ahk! I'm usually pretty savvy about reading the dates on these things.

And looking at the time and date I posted....there was no excuse for me to miss that! laugh out loud