Random attacks on other dogs! (by Minty's mummy)

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Barked: Fri Feb 29, '08 11:15pm PST 
Okay, i know there may be no such thing as a 'random' attack but i was at a lack for a better word. It is not all dogs as she has many friends she loves to play with. Anyway, please read.

Okay, we took my dog, Minty a Jack Russel Terrier cross Miniature Fox Terrier, out and were sitting enjoyind dinner when another dog (about Minty's size) walked past. Minty immediately began barking at and lunging towards it, it responded in the same way. My younger brother tried to hold her snout but she bit his hand. The dog eventually passed. Then the dog came past again, but this time children were walking it. They both began barking and lunging again. When my friend tried to grab Minty she snapped at my friend and would have bitten her, had my friend not been very quick. The dog was getting closer and closer as the (3) children could not hold it back. So I tried in desparation to grab her and she bit me then continued to bark. Eventually I contained her by pushing her by the shoulders toward the ground. At this time the dog was very close but soon passed. Minty then went back to normal.

Also, last week we met a new puppy to the street. The puppy was about minty's size and I think a labrador. When introduced to the puppy they sniffed then Minty attacked it! I pulled her off. Then another neighbour brought out her Miniature Fox Terrier. Minty immediately went at it. I sat away from everyone else with Minty, she was still agitated. Suddenly her leash slipped out of my hand and she went straight for the Foxie they began to fight and its owner and I were trying desperately to get them apart. Eventually my friend grabbed Minty. I then took Minty home.

Minty has come across the puppy a few times since then and all have had the same outcome as the first. If its any relevance my friend's dog snapped at the pup (that was it though).

Also, just yesterday Minty escaped as my friend tried to get out through the gate. When I called her she ran off, like it was a game. She ran through a neighbours garage and into their backyard. She then squeezed under a second fence and into where their two Rottweilers were. She then attacked them (this is according to the owner, although I did hear her attack barks). I was at the front door by then and the owner pried Minty away and brought her to me. Luckily the owners weren't too angry. I then took her straight home.

Please help! Why is she doing this? Is it just certain personality types prevoking it more? Please give me training tips/instructions to stop it!

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Barked: Sat Mar 1, '08 7:22am PST 
i'm willing to bet that a lot of this behavior is coming out of a lack of excercise - with the JRT and fox mixed, she is just going to need tons of it.
Usually a tired dog is a happy dog, and if she's tired enough, i don't see her having the desire to escape your house, to run away and find dogs to pick a fight with.

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Barked: Sat Mar 1, '08 7:35am PST 
My younger brother tried to hold her snout but she bit his hand. The dog eventually passed. Then the dog came past again, but this time children were walking it. They both began barking and lunging again. When my friend tried to grab Minty she snapped at my friend and would have bitten her, had my friend not been very quick."

Actually, it sounds like you may be, uncounsciously, elevating this behavior.

I would never grab the mouth or collar of a dog who is that aggitated. It is an invitation for the dog to bite and can elevate the reaction.

Minty is most likely dog reactive (which is not the same as aggressive). The best advise I can give you is work with a qualified, educated, experienced behaviorist who specializes in reactive dogs.

Barring that, you should do a lot of desensitzation and acclimation work with Minty.


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It does sound like Minty may be in need of some more stimulation, physically and mentally. But the other part is, not all dogs are dog friendly. Nallah has some aggression towards other dogs, its pretty much hit or miss. We've come to the conclusion that we will keep her under close supervision around other dogs and that she is only allowed to interact with the dogs we know she gets along with. She gets along with my inlaws dogs perfectly and with my sisters dogs ok.

Is Minty enrolled into any obedience classes? It sounds like you need to gain a sense of trust and controll with each other. Maybe you could sit in on a few classes in your area to see what would fit you and Minty best. Find a trainer that understands Minty's aggression issues and that respects them. You should not be forced to have interaction with other dogs....only to be in another class with them would be good. Our first obedience class was a nightmare. Our trainer insisted on Nallah interacting with other dogs to teach her to "learn how to play" when it usually ended up being a brawl or scuffle between a few of the dogs. Being in a class with other dogs will teach her that not every dog is out to get her. By the end of the class you should be able to walk off leash or close to it with other dogs in the room. Her attention will be focused on you instead of all the other distractions. Minty needs to know she can trust you and that you'll be there for her. Joining in an obedience class will teach her just that and form a bond between you both.

Don't expect her to be friendly to dogs. Some dogs are just that way, its perfectly normal. Just do your best to perfect her behavior around them and be able to control it as well. Its your responsibility to keep her under control.

I'd also suggest a good long walk at least once a day. Followed by a game of fetch or chase through the yard. Then some mentail stimulation (training) will keep her mind focused and tire her out. "a tired dog is a good dog!"

Best wishes.......let me know if you have any questions. I've learned a lot about dogs now that we have an aggressive one!

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indeed. Winnie was afraid of other dogs, the only dog bess liked was george, and yvie only likes some dogs.
Not every dog is going to like every dog.
I certainly don't like a lot of people.

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Minty's mum,

I'm tuning into your post because this afternoon my Great Dane attacked an elderly dog and drew blood. The owner is taking her dog to the Vet ER and I will be paying the bill. I just don't understand why my Dane would do this. He' s such a mellow guy by nature but when he sees other dogs he becomes very aroused. I'm taking him to a behavorist to find out what I can do to correct this problem. It's so frustrating.

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Great advice from everyone. Just a note though...IF the behaviour is new or sudden you should have the dog checked physically first, sometimes behaviours arise out of illness or discomfort. If you rule these things out it will save you the guilt of finding out down the line that the reason was he was sick or in pain.

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Cracker, you are 100% right.
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I have somewhat the same thing going on with my Sadie, so you guys are not alone. I am working with a trainer on her "random" agression. (If it IS that. I just don't think she likes other alpha dogs myself.)

There are so many parts to this puzzle.

One of the first things my trainer looked into was who is the Apha boss at home, you or the dog?

I already do "Nothing in Life is Free", but look into that and see how that compairs to what is going on with your dog. Also, are you humanizing the dog? I know many sleep with their dogs here, but I think it gives the wrong message to the dogs like, "You are better than I am." Is the dog on the sofa at will? Is the dog protecting YOU because he thinks he is the boss?

Again, that above does not apply to my own situation, but that is the classic starting point for many dog problems.

Also as a responsible pet owner, no more trips out until you get a handle on all this. I paid my vet bill for someone else too... And the rare Pet acting ugly in public gets the rest banned from where ever... cry

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Barked: Mon Mar 3, '08 2:35am PST 
Georgie and Nollie- I walk and jog with her near daily. Infact, when she ran off it was just after an hour long walk.

Asher- How do you suggest I contain her when it happens (not meaning offence)? Also, my 9 year old brotherand (non dog informed friend) went for her snout, not me.

Cracker- I will look into that, she has been limping lately.

Sadie- She is an outside dog, so no to most of your questions.

Otherwise thankyou for your advice, I will talk to my parents about getting a behavioural therapist in to help.

Also, Minty's daily afternoon routine: -long walk around the neighbourhood, often with my friend and her dog, stopping at the park for a bit.
-get home
-game of tug of war, fetch, ect.
-training (Minty knows ALOT of tricks)

By Minty's mum.