tell me about the vizsla

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Barked: Sat Feb 2, '08 5:06pm PST 
I have a love for beautiful sporting dogs, the vizsla being one of them. What can you tell me about the vizsla, both good and bad?
Rikee (2002 - 2013)

Rikee - I'm a lover
Barked: Tue Feb 5, '08 11:03am PST 
They are a high energy and athletic dog. We call ours perpetual puppies and they are fearless in climbing things or going over most obstacles. They are very affectionate with their family and most outsiders, but can be protective. They want to be with you/near you/ touching you as much as possible. We have three 48 pound lap dogs BOL! They can be chewers, but usually if supplied with super tough chew items they will leave furniture etc alone. They are sensitive dogs in that harsh correction can shut down their spirit....especially in hunting training. They do have a strong desire to please you. They have great natural talent and instinct for hunting birds...but also like to hunt small animals like rabbits, mice, squirrels and possum (high prey drive) so they may "hunt" other pets of that kind you may own. Mine all get along well with cats even though we don't personally have cats.

They do well in obedience and athletic events like agility. However since they are strong hunters they can become "distracted" by an interesting scent.

They are low maintenance as far as brushing, washing etc because of their short coat and no undercoat. Give them a bath and towel dry them and they are dry in 10 minutes. Not bad shedders too.

Minne the- Moocher
Barked: Sun Apr 6, '08 5:34pm PST 
I totally love my dog. She is kind, happy, smart and protective. I never had to worry about her snapping at someone or being agressive. She is very very snugglie too.


Wild Man
Barked: Fri May 30, '08 11:46am PST 
God what dogs they are! There is much written about their high energy and their affection and most of all - their need to be part of the family. I would confirm all of those comments to the exact copy.

I've had Sylvio for about 3 years now and it's been a fantastic ride. He's an extremely hardy dog, though probably about as stubborn as any breed I've ever seen. A friend of ours just adopted a young yellow lab and I'm envious of his almost immediate discipline - but the viszla's beauty is nearly unmatched for people who are a fan of athletic, lanky dogs.

Of course, the poor guy always looks like he's underfed but it could be because of the laps he runs around the yard at breakneck pace. Believe me, his food consumption is far from low.

He's the first dog I've owned after graduating from college and I would certainly say it's been a challenge to get what I condider discipline and what he thinks is discipline on the same page - but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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The previous posts are right-on for the Vizsla breed. My sister has a 10 year old male Vizsla that I have always loved and when he mated two years ago, I quickly threw my hat in the ring for one of the pups. I ended up taking two. I have had dogs all my life of different breeds and there is NOTHING like a Vizsla. Loving, playful, ready to do whatever with you and for you!! They can be bad but you can't stay mad at them long. Serious and consistent training in the early years will provide you with an amazing and easy to control adult dog. I know I will have Vizslas the rest of my life!!

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Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 4:07pm PST 
Vizslas are extremely intelligent. We have been able to train our dog very easily, and continue to teach her new tricks all the time. She is very loving and follows me around the house ALL day.

As the other posts mentioned, Vizslas have a lot of energy. I take my dog jogging, hiking, swimming, etc. I have taken her to doggy daycare for 3 days in a row so she can play with other dogs and she STILL comes home with energy.