Stop Fox from Glorifying Animal Torture!

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Barked: Thu Jan 24, '08 2:08pm PST 

I was horrified by Fox's new show promo for,
Unhitched, where a group of grown men trap a rat in a microwave
and, being resource-less to humanely remove the rat,
they proceed to nuke it for NINE MINUTES and joke
about how the last few minutes were not so pleasant
for the rat, although he enjoyed the rotating wheel at
I have written Fox headquarters to complain, the FCC, PETA, the
ASPCA and several other animal interest groups, as
well as posted notices on MySpace, Facebook and
Dogster. PETA and the ASPCA have both replied to say they will look in to it. I am now contacting you to urge you to ask
Fox to remove this scene.

Please let them know that the glorification of cruelty to all animals
is offensive, objectionable and unacceptable, even
when fictionalized.

These were GROWN men, and it is not cute or amusing
that they chose to eliminate the animal in this

I am contacting ALL of Fox's advertisers, and my local
media. I hope I can count on your support.
You may contact them at askfox@fox.com, as well as contacting the FCC to voice your complaint at fccinfo@fcc.gov.
Thank you! May all animals know peace, without having others suggest violence as being appealing, funny, acceptable or entertaining.

Xenia Schiller

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Barked: Thu Jan 24, '08 2:11pm PST 
As brother to 13 rats, I thank you for your advocacy and will be writing and phoning as well!

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Barked: Thu Jan 24, '08 2:16pm PST 
Is this promo supposed to be funny? I don't have Fox television so I haven't seen it and am very glad I haven't. Real or not, it's disturbing.


Arrrr... where- be the rum?
Barked: Thu Jan 24, '08 2:43pm PST 
I have reposted this on several rat forums and sent a letter to Fox informing them of several facts about rats, including:

-Rats are the only non primates yet shown to be capable of metacognition- that is the trait of knowing what you know and knowing what you don't know, like a student being either nervous or calm about a test based on whether or not she studied.
-Rats have demonstrated empathy toward other rats; in a laboratory setting, rats refused food to the point of near-starvation when shown that if they ate, a companion received a shock to its tail.
-Rats are being trained to detect land mines- see http://www.herorat.org - and are in fact preferable to dogs for this task, due to their superior sense of smell and their light weight preventing them from detonating mines as a dog or human might.
-Many rat owners have observed and photographed rats burying dead companions and carrying food to sick cagemates.
Cinnamon Grrrl

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Barked: Thu Jan 24, '08 2:56pm PST 
Not sure this is in the right forum, but....

That's DISGUSTING. frown

Fox was ALREADY a total waste of airwaves, though; so it doesn't surprise me.

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Barked: Thu Jan 24, '08 3:14pm PST 
applauseI say thank you for standing up for animals, no matter how small, how can this be allowed?? on t.v. Its sending a message to young kids who might watching hey its alright to torture an animal not matter what size it is. I say thanks for you for standing up and trying to stop it!applause I really think in todays world t.v. shows really are sending all kinds of wrong messages to the youth of today!!hug

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Barked: Fri Jan 25, '08 11:13am PST 
There is a phone number we can call as well!


I wanted to give you an update about what I have done and found out
so far today. I just got a call back from Fox saying they got my
phone call complaining about the promo and are passing my complaint
on up the chain to the powers that be. So it is true that they do
monitor their Viewer Comments phone line quite closely, as I only
called about 2 hours ago.

The new show, which is tentatively called "Unhitched", not "Unhinged"
as I reported earlier, isn't scheduled to run until March 23. The
contact who called me said that because of the writers strike that is
a tentative date. So it's good that the show is not scheduled to
start right away, but we sure don't want even the promo to be aired
any more.

I have also talked with the woman at American Humane who is their
contact with the TV industry, and she is working on it from her end,
but she said that public response is very very important, so please
be sure to call the Fox Viewer Comment line at 310-369-3066 and leave
a polite message.

Please also post these messages to as many other groups as you can,
and let all your friends know. The more calls they get, the more
seriously they will take us.

Thanks all,
Debbie "The Rat Lady"

P.S. In case you missed it, the promo shows a scene where 2 boys put
a rat into a microwave oven and turn it on. Then it shows their
faces as they supposedly watch the rat being cooked. At they end,
one of them says, "That was the longest 9 minutes of my life," and
the other one says something like, "It looked like he was enjoying it
for the first few minutes."

(reposted from Goosemoose pet portal, where it was reposted from emails from Debbie the Rat Lady)

A great message to leave on this number would be something like:

"Hello, my name is ________________, and I am calling in regards to a promo aired for the upcoming show Unhitched. The promo I am calling about shows two boys putting a live rat in a microwave for nine minutes and making comments suggesting that the situation is humorous. I am appalled that a major network, particularly one that offers many shows marketed to families, would depict cruelty to any animal as humorous. As a lover of rats and pets in general, I look forwards to seeing this promo pulled immediately and an apology issued to animal loving viewers everywhere. Rats are intelligent and affectionate pets, and among the most intelligent and empathetic animals, as behavioral studies have shown. I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. You can reach me at (phone number). Again that's (repeat phone number) and thank you again for your immediate attention."