Vibration Collar and behavior

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Dakota - Psycho Pup- Zoomie Queen
Barked: Sat Jan 5, '08 6:14am PST 
We are still having issues with Dakota's focus and response to commands. This ONLY takes place outdoors, with distractions (as you would likely expect).

As long as I am within a few feet of her, she remains under my control, however it is probably because she knows she is (to her) within reach. In actuality she is normally a few feet away (and thus, out of arms reach) but she responds the same as if she were right by my side.

As soon as she passes beyond this invisible line, however, she shuts off all response to my commands. She plays the "I don't hear you" game, and loves to dart off or focus on smells/watching the birds/showing interest in the neighbor as opposed to focusing on my commands.

She will only snap back into reality, so to speak, if I start in her direction. As soon as I get within a few feet, she goes "OH! See, I heard you all along!" and she will respond to whatever command I was previously giving.

I've tried:
- super yummy treats (she isn't treat motivated)
-toys (she is not toy motivated)
-long lines (50 ft, she knows when she is on lead and when she is not)
-bringing a new, interesting person into the mix when she disobeys (to gain her attention, however it rarely works)
-clickers (she is afraid of them)
-and so on and so forth. And no, I am NOT pleased with the few trainers in the area.

I've discovered that Dakota is more apt to respond when I use touch to get her attention. While she still chooses to ignore some commands, a touch on the back sometimes "snaps her out of it" and she will look at me. Yes, I praise and give her lovies for doing so.

My question is this: would a remote vibration (NOT shock) collar be a suitable option at this point? I need something that will grab her attention and convince her that listening to my commands is not a bad idea. I still plan to use treats and copious amounts of praise along with the collar, but I'm looking for comments from those who have successfully (AND not successfully) used this collar.

Barked: Tue Jan 8, '08 7:13pm PST 
My neighbors used one of those they have a small older daschund mix and a large great dane lab mix. They can take them in the front yard now and they will not leave the yard. Always use a verbal command with the device so they know why they are being "vibrated" I am thinking of doing this with my dogs, my 2 year old has not self control outside, and now that we added one I really need more structure.

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Barked: Wed Jan 9, '08 5:45am PST 
You are on the correct path to the proper use of these collars whether shock or vibration. I trail ride with my dog and being a scent hound sometimes she can totally shut me out. With the collar I am able to reach out and touch her to say "Hey listen to me, I am telling you something." She is NOT afraid to put it on. She knows we are going for a great adventure when I get it out. For obedience training, we use treats since she is very treat motivated. For leash walking at the walk park in town, we use our Gentle Leader. When we Geo-Cache, "Z" wears her collar. We tried the leash, and she hated going. Now that she wears her collar, she is ready to go.


Dakota - Psycho Pup- Zoomie Queen
Barked: Wed Jan 9, '08 8:09am PST 
I suppose my follow up question is two-pronged:

1-how do you respond when, after you "page" your pup, they still ignore you? (assuming the vibration level is at the proper intensity)

2-how do you correct a refusal (or other unwanted behavior).

I realize the pager is either used to gain attention, OR correct. I realize it cannot be used for both.