A Few Questions...

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Wittle Girl

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Barked: Tue Dec 25, '07 1:42pm PST 
Ok guys I have a few ques tions about my pomeranian. If anyone would like to give me some input I'd appreciate it.

1. When will my dog become fuffy again?
2. When should I have my female spayed?
3. At what age will she be full grown?

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little sneezer
Barked: Fri Dec 28, '07 11:08am PST 
We have a small male pomeranian that lost his coat when he was around 8 months old. The vet told us he would eventually lose his hair so we expected it. Not that they are bald or anything it's just a short coat they have. But he looked so skinny and small. It takes a few months for the new coat to grow back and it comes in real full. So just be aware of what to expect and know it's normal for poms.

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Barked: Sun Jan 6, '08 9:19pm PST 
1. Your fur baby is going through the " Pom uglies". She should have her full coat adult coat grown in by 9 months- 1 year.
2. I'm not too sure about the spaying, but I think you need to wait until your puppy reaches sexual maturity which is close to a year, maybe sooner. Ask your vet to be sure.
3. Your Pommie should be done growing by the time she is 9-10 months.

Hope this helps! puppy


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Barked: Sun Jan 20, '08 4:20pm PST 
Oh man, Gizmo had the uglies bad!! He looked all out of proporation and his coat was so short and ratty looking. I have been told it takes the males 3 years for their coats to be fully mature.