How to prepare?

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.


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I have a 16 year old Husky/Shepard mix, who has arthritis and cataract, but he is still going strong and a 14 yr old golden retriever/chow mix who has arthitis and cataract too, but has good days and days she looks sad. What should I expect when it gets near their time? I spoke to the vet and he said when they have more bad than good bring them in. He would support my decision. I know it is not close yet but I'd like to start preparing my self.
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List their 5 favorite things to do and when they can no longer do them, or are in pain, is when it is time.


Just enjoy every moment possible and take pictures and do things together.

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Cherish every day, remember all of the fun and aggravation throughout their lives. Love and hug them..

We knew it was time - we could see it in their eyes. It's hard to accept and not be selfish when it is time. Think of their lives past and their memories forever.


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I wish i could help you - we lost bess suddenly and unexpectedly.
And for winnie, In hindsite, i think we waitied too long to let her go.
It might not hurt to have a friend or family member who you can trust to tell you when you might want to consider letting go - being so close to the situation often times it's hard too see the gradual decline. That's the way it was with winnie anyway.

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just know you will see em again...it is never esy but if you put them down be brave and go with them....you should be greatful that you have had them so long....im sure they had great lives....God bless u

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I think its one of the hardest decisions to make ever, because they are such faithful and loyal family members. If they weren't, the decision wouldn't be so hard. My family had to put down our 14 year old Bichon this past May and it was one of the worst days of my life. Dogs will fight to the end and try not to act weak as its not in their nature. Especially if your dogs are on any kind of pain pill for their pain, it will mask some of their real pain so it will make that decision that much harder. But know that we do get to make that decision for our pets and put an end to their suffering and that is the final gift we can give them. I would like to believe on that final day when we were with Nipper, he saw the pain in all of our eyes as we held him and he was put to sleep. But not only the pain of sadness, the love we had and will always have for him and he left us in comfort. I would say if you are strong enough to be there with your pets I would be. That way you can hug him and give him as much comfort as possible. I hate even thinking of that day and hate thinking of ever going through it again but than again its a part of life when you have pets and I wouldn't give up my babies now. I know Nipper is at rest and we had 14 great years even if he was a pain some times.

Hopefully when the time comes it is a bit more easier for you. I'm always around here if you need a friend. Lara
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We agree with Boomer,hughughughug

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I don't think you can ever prepare yourself for something as hard as putting a beloved dog to sleep. I knew Mimi was very sick, and I had a vet appt., for her that morning. I held her in my arms for well over an hour before we left, and I knew deep down in my heart what I had to do. I could tell by looking in her eyes, she wanted to go. I would have never ever left her suffer, and it was the hardest thing I ever did in my life. I had her for fourteen years, and she was the sweetest little girl, and I miss her so very very much.

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spend a lot of time with them take a lot of pictures make a scrapbook of them with the pictures you took find a lot of pictures you took of them and put them in the album i was in the same situation as you are i lost my great preanese in march she was also getting old she was thirteen wh en we had to make the decision i took alot of pictures of pictures of her and the scrapbook i did for really helped t