I ' m a CAMPER DOGGIE ...............

- Samson

I LOVE to - be - cuddled.........
Barked: Sat Oct 6, '07 7:12pm PST 
I went on my first camping trip this
weekend had alotta fun ! wave
I met my (doggie) cousins, Juno & Lucky
(female, pugs = sisters) & my other (doggie)
cousins, Midnight & Tonto, Dachshund mix,
males, not related ! Lucky & Tonto liked
me better than Juno & Midnight ! laugh out loud
My (human) cousin Jared really likes me ! way to go
I HAD TO have a (flea) bath when I got
home---don't want to drag ' them varmints '
into OUR HOUSE ! frown

I ' m really tired now---I 'm going to bed !

dog snoopy dog snoopy
Sammie- Poochon

Barked: Sun Oct 14, '07 6:57am PST 
I don't like those bugs either! We have a huge backyard to play with a little creek on it and it seems they like to congregate there! So do the copperheads! Yuck!

My sister Maddie doesn't mind copperheads but I do. Of course, Maddie is so big, she doesn't mind any bug or anyone. With her loud bark, she would skare Santa out of Alaska!

Sammie Poodle snoopy