Good News for the Vick dogs...


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As reported in ASPCA News Alert in late August, the ASPCA was preparing to lead a team of certified applied animal behaviorists in evaluating several dogs taken from Vick’s property during the course of the federal investigation.

The evaluations were conducted between September 4-6, and the team recently provided its recommendation to the United States Department of Agriculture—that 48 of the 49 dogs have potential for some sort of placement. Recommended placement options for the dogs include:

Possible re-homing into appropriate foster homes for further observation and evaluation
Rehabilitation as law enforcement dogs
Placement in sanctuaries, which will need to meet USDA facility standards
Only one of the 49 dogs was deemed unfit for rehabilitation and recommended for euthanasia, which was ordered on Monday, October 1, by Judge Henry E. Hudson. A federal judge will determine the final disposition of the 48 dogs recommended for potential placement.

The ASPCA is grateful to the USDA and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the opportunity to lead the evaluations, as well as to the behaviorists who contributed their expertise. “We have been honored to assist federal investigators in this groundbreaking case,” says ASPCA President & CEO Ed Sayres, “and greatly appreciate the trust placed in us. More than anything, I am extremely proud of the dedication and collaboration demonstrated by the behaviorists who evaluated the dogs—that almost all of these dogs can expect to live long and happy lives is an incredibly uplifting and inspiring outcome to this case.”

To read the complete press release, get further details on the ASPCA’s role in the Michael Vick case, and for important information on dog fighting, visit the ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Resource Center at
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That is good news for those pups. I hope they all find homes.
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We also hope they find homes!