Found Husky...!!! Looking for the owner of this dog!!!*CLOSED*

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Stand Pretty!!
Barked: Wed Sep 26, '07 2:31pm PST 
Barks, and wooos to everybody! A beautiful mysterious red-headed husky has turned up near Yosemite and is currently in a shelter near Mariposa. He has a collar but no microchip. Anybody know where this little guy belongs. Someone is obviously really missing him. Here's a picture and info.....

or you can contact Norsled. Northern California sled dog rescue. Let's give this story a happy ending.

Patsy's mom
♥~Lil- Miss- Mya~♥

Sleepy Hollow- Mya
Barked: Wed Sep 26, '07 2:49pm PST 
AWWWWW Patsy poor little guy, thank you for posting this, being informed is the best amunition. We all know whats going on with Blue, I would hate for the same amount time expire. I and the admin truly appreciate the information. Lots of HUGS to you Patsy and your hu~mom, you are amazing.