Rainy Day Activities - HELP!!

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Dog is my- co-pilot
Barked: Wed Sep 26, '07 2:31pm PST 
Well here it is, these two pups of mine have been running 10km every day and it's really helping with them calm, they are extremely high energy dogs. It's been raining almost non stop for almost two days now and it looks like it'll be about a week before it stops. These two loonatics are going stir crazy, we got out for about half an hour yesterday but it doesn't look like the rain is going to let up today.

All the running this summer seems to have blown up in my face. My dog's have more stamina. When they are bored they spar for hours, driving me insane.

Is there anything other than getting a treadmill or bribing them with bones to keep them either tired or occupied during these boring days?

Cat Corraler
Barked: Wed Sep 26, '07 2:46pm PST 
I know what you mean; it's been raining here for the last two days as well! We all are going bonkers! I brought a hurdle indoors, and they seem to be enjoying that, and of course I am doing Frisbee work at the expense of my furniture’s welfare. laugh out loud Our indoor course is under renovation, so it's as though we are being held hostage in our own home! I home this rainy and stormy weather subsides shortly.

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Barked: Wed Sep 26, '07 6:10pm PST 
idk if you've heard of the dog wisperer ceaser milan but he talks about using tread mills alot if the weathers bad or you dont have time to bring them for a walk. you could try that.

just tryin my best to help!


Throw- it...- again...
Barked: Wed Sep 26, '07 8:22pm PST 
I'z gots a couple ideas...
1. my momo has us signed up fo daycare. We play dare on rainy days or when momo has to do lots uf werks and she can't take us wif her. Dat aways tires us out!
2. we pways games in da house wike fetch, I wik to fetch anyting, hide an seek, dat is a fun game when she says lay down, wait and count and den she goes and hides in another room wif a treats den she yells "OK, find me!" den I search an search till i finds her.

I am a VERY energetic pup so I knows what it's like to have the non stop wiggles !

Mischevious- Laughing Loki
Barked: Thu Sep 27, '07 11:07am PST 
I whike to pway hide and sweek- I whike to pw- pwa- play hide and swee-

Ugh! Darnit Una! laugh out loud Now you got me bwarkin' wike woo. big laugh

I liked to play hide and seak too! We used to do that when i was a puppy and too young to go running in the park. Momma would hide and call me and I would go find her. Then poppa would hide and call me and I would go racing around to find him.

Momma and poppa also keep a spare kong frozen with special doggy freezy mix (like doggie italian ice) for me to occupy myself for a good half hour or so, just in case. lick lick lick lick

Barked: Thu Sep 27, '07 3:33pm PST 
We do some clicker training and learn a new trick if it's really rainy.

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Barked: Thu Sep 27, '07 4:39pm PST 
We have COLD winters so I know the feeling!!! I I love to play find it! My mommy hides my favorite treats around the house and I get to search untill I find every last one of them! My mommy loves it cuz it keeps me busy for hours!! She hides them real hard now! Like under my bed, and in drawers, and the best are in boxes! It's real hard to get them out of the box!!! Then after all that searching I'm ready for a nap! I love learning new tricks too!!! The really icky days are when my mommy teaches me all kinds of tricks!! And when the weather is nice I get to show off to everyone I meet!!