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Pugz Gone- to the- Bridge

I am a Pug Angel- 7/12/07
Barked: Thu Sep 20, '07 7:56pm PST 
Hello me and my family is new how do i and my brother and sisters get our wings
♥- Sassy NPC- ♥

Save a Life &- Rescue
Barked: Fri Sep 21, '07 2:19pm PST 
I would also like to request wings for Fey who went to the Bridge 8/24/07 and I don't think hardly anyone knew. I found out in the PPR Group.

hughughughughughughughughug hug
♥Come- t ♥- 3/15/07

Where's my giant- water bowl?
Barked: Sun Sep 23, '07 8:02pm PST 
May I please have some pretty wings too? Thank you so much A Team!
Meow & love to you all,

Charlotte- Paige

AKA Boobies
Barked: Mon Sep 24, '07 10:26am PST 
Hi, Charlotte Paige would like some pretty wings, too. Please

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♥Shoo- ter♥

Eat and sleep- all day
Barked: Mon Sep 24, '07 1:37pm PST 
Ask inky dinky doodleway to golaugh out loud
Inky Dinky- Doodle

Happpy Birfday,- Betsy RAe!!!
Barked: Mon Sep 24, '07 3:52pm PST 
Hi! I'm addin' Fey and Charlotte Paige to the llist. Comet, if you'll post in the sat's wings list, they'll add you to their list. Thanks, all!!

Tori - In Memory Of

I'm flying...I'm- flying
Barked: Mon Sep 24, '07 6:09pm PST 
Tori would like wings. How does she go about getting them? Her sister Sheba would also like them.
Max- (1992-2006)

Mama's boy
Barked: Mon Sep 24, '07 6:19pm PST 
Hello Everyone! I'm new and would like to have some angel wings too!
Murphy- (Ozdogz- Minstral- McLoch

Where's- mom?
Barked: Mon Sep 24, '07 10:19pm PST 
I came across this in Plus Friendly and thought I'd pass it on:

It's a pup who needs wings! Thanks pupsters! Murph Man