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Barked: Sun Sep 9, '07 12:25pm PST 
Hello all I am reasearching ETS, and have a few questions about the breed.

How hard was it to find one? Any breeder recs?
Are ETS more independant or big time cuddlerspuppy . As far as exersize are they good with a nice walk or do they need to rip and run alot. Really just any experience is appreaciated as its been so hard to find people who own one.

Thank you for your time!! snoopy

Barked: Wed Jan 2, '08 9:25pm PST 
They are fairly hard to find though there are a few breeders. Check the AKC website for some breeders. Then research research research! smile

They are big time cuddlers & pretty laid back. Think 10 yr old dog in terms of activity. LOL but with spurts of energy here and there.

They are very sweet & smart. They learn commands/tricks very easily.