When will my ears goup?????

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Barked: Thu Aug 23, '07 6:44pm PST 
I have a ? for you all.This is my first chihuahua and I really don't know much about them.
Can you tell me when there ears go up?
Or are tey going to.
I haver german shepherds and there ears are usually up between 4wks and 2 years.
Is this the same with chihuahua's?
Can anyone help me?

work it- girl..... cover- girl
Barked: Thu Aug 23, '07 9:06pm PST 
I am sure by tomorrow you will have much better answers than mine lol..this is my first chi. I got Mabelline when she was 8 weeks old and her ear were "some what" up. Now that she is 5 months they are up. However lol when she is sleepy or just woken up her ears are down.
I hope that helps a little and like I said....by tomorrow there will be more answers.
♡Tawni- pearl~Sweet- Angel

A little ray of- sunshine
Barked: Thu Aug 23, '07 9:33pm PST 
Chihuahuas ears stand at different points. Sometime they stand from very early on and other times they stand and fall. They tend to stay flopped while they are teething, not sure why I suppose it is just a Chihuahua quirk!! Don't worry more than likely they will stand!


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Barked: Fri Aug 24, '07 4:06pm PST 
So you are 3 months old? Well, like the others said ears can stand up real early, some stand up and go back down, and sometimes they don't stand up at all, or you can have a floppy one and an erect one! shock The ears definately tend to "droop" or tip over during teething for a lot of pups. Teething usually is done by 6 months or so. I have one ear that "tips" on the end and the other one is up. If I get real tired they both will tip. My brother, Tucker, his ears stood up early and have never tipped - even when he was teething, although one came up first and the other one took a few days longer. Ever chi is different. You can tape them to make them stand up, but we don't know exactly how to do that.
You are a real cutie just the way you are!

Barked: Fri Aug 24, '07 11:31pm PST 
It varies with each chihuahua. I have Kizzy, who just passed away, she was 14. A daughter, to her, Kira and me, Kiwi. I know from my human mom that ears go up depending on a few different things. One, how big a chihuahua you are going to be...the smaller the chihuahua, the earlier the ears seem to stand up. When you're really tired or just waking up, the ears seem to tip, or one will flop over and the other stand. I haven't ever seen someone tape the ears up. Either way, for the most part, usually before 4 months.

Barked: Sun Aug 26, '07 4:43am PST 
Scamp's right ear stood up at about 3 months old. His left ear stayed droopy. So I taped it up. After about three days, it stayed up on its own. I used that white, medical tape and wrapped a small piece around the ear about half way up. I left it on for a few hours then off for a few hours each day. Scamp didn't seem to notice the tape was there, either.
Larry the- Dude

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Barked: Thu Sep 6, '07 11:10am PST 
i am 1 year old last week and my ears tipped and have been tipped all week. i had the vet clean them out in case there was an infection or something, but they just tipped! i look like a sheep dog now and YUCK... anyone have info to add to my delimma?

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Barked: Thu Sep 6, '07 11:26am PST 
I am 10 months old and my one of my ears still tip when I am tired. Guess it'll stay that way.
Buddy Lee

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Barked: Thu Sep 6, '07 12:50pm PST 
That is how we know Buddy Lee is tired or not feeling well: his right ear just flops over. It happens just about everynight at 10...great way of getting company to leave "The dog is tired.....

He is 3 , well beyond his puppy years...

Buddy Lee ^..^

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Larry the- Dude

the Dudster
Barked: Thu Sep 6, '07 1:20pm PST 
great input... could be he isn't up to it at the moment. he must of overheard me making his appointment with the dr for a surgery he is going to have.. he probably just doesn't feel all that good.
thank u all so much!
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