K9 Bandit forgotten by partner for 12 hrs dies in patrol car

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Bandit-Tribu- te to K9- Ofcr-RIP

~~ please sign- my petition ~~
Barked: Mon Aug 20, '07 10:22pm PST 
*** UPDATE - see pg 6

please sign the petition & look on his page for the story


We, the undersigned, request:

1- Bandit be given a full Police funeral complete with motorcade, Phoenix Metro area PD K-9s, pipes & drums.

*Bandit died in the patrol car while still on duty or at least he didn't know differently.

2- Sgt Lovejoy of Chandler P.D. NEVER be permitted to own, partner with or supervise the care or training of ANY/all Police K-9s in the state of Arizona

3- Proper disciplinary actions will prevail once both C.P.D. and MCSO investigations are complete.

We are shocked are the initial passiveness of the CPD. We are disappointed in the "excuses" sent forth from Lovejoy & CPD.

A private ceremony in an INSULT to K9 Bandit. It's not Bandit's fault that HIS PARTNER & FAMILY let him down.

Thank you,


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If my snoring- bothers you wear- earplugs
Barked: Tue Aug 21, '07 1:05am PST 
OMD, Mommy is so embarassed this happened in her hometownfrown She will definitely sign the petition and pass it on to my Grammy so she can sign it and pass it on to her friends.

I like to smile.
Barked: Tue Aug 21, '07 7:09am PST 
freaking sad and horrible.... see just when you think you can trust cops and they have it together something like this happens. its really getting hard nowadays to trust anyone. i admire all dogs for their amazing ability to be their faith in trust in all people, even those that do them wrong or end up killing them. what amazing creatures
i will sign it for sure

r.i.p sweet bandit

Bandit-Tribu- te to K9- Ofcr-RIP

~~ please sign- my petition ~~
Barked: Tue Aug 21, '07 11:48am PST 
Just a note. We are a police family & support PDs all over the world.
Being that this was a police dog, I guess "WE" (personally) hold LEOs (law enforcement officers) to a higher standard. That being said, this tragic errors are being made everywhere. Civilian people are forgetting their kids & pets in hot cars much frquently.
It's all tragic frowncry

If my snoring- bothers you wear- earplugs
Barked: Tue Aug 21, '07 11:55am PST 
Grammy told Mommy that the Arizona Republic had tons of letters to the editor about this Policeman. They are disgusted by his actions. If you live in AZ you know how hot the cars can get, especially in the Summer. I hope that he is punished, he killed a police officerfrown
Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

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Barked: Tue Aug 21, '07 12:12pm PST 
I understand people might forget their dog for a while but for TWELVE hours!!!!! That is totally shocking and unforgiveable. cry But if a civilian forgot their dog or child they are arrested. It seems there is going to be no enquiry in to this at all!

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Barked: Tue Aug 21, '07 9:43pm PST 
I live in Phoenix, AZ and know all too well the heat in the summertime. It gets to 114 degrees outside, so I couldn't imagine how hot it got in the car. Bandit's partner didn't deserve him. I don't know how someone could just "forget" My prayers go out to Bandit and all those who are honoring him.
~Heather and Jesse~

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Barked: Tue Aug 21, '07 9:51pm PST 
Mommy was very upset when she saw this. Our community just raised money to buy our police dog a bullet-proof vest. He's like a member of our community and for something like that to happen is unacceptable. We had one little girl at the event who donated $100...her entire savings....because she wanted him to be safe out on the job. God bless Bandit.
Sadie- KCGCDS(G)

Talking- Agility- Owner
Barked: Wed Aug 22, '07 1:28am PST 
How absolutely irresponsibleshock This story has made my mum very angry and upset. What poor Bandit must have gone through is beyond imagination! My mum feels so sorry for the doggy. The owner should have been taken to Court, policeman or not, for such cruelty. This would happen in my country. We have very strict laws for this kind of thing here.

Support our- Soldiers!!!
Barked: Wed Aug 22, '07 2:54am PST 
Rosie, my Mommy said Grammy said that there is now going to be an investigation by the Maricopa County Sherriff's Office and the Chandler Police Department. I hope that Bandit's "partner" is released from the force.
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