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Barked: Thu Aug 9, '07 9:16pm PST 
We took Koda (12 weeks) to his first Puppy class. It wasn't a large
class, only 4 pups but only 1 lab pup(Henry) that Koda could play with
because the others were pretty small/toy types. The other lab Henry
wanted to play with Koda but Koda was a little skittish. Henry would
jump on Koda and he would run away to the people that were sitting.
Henry would follow and try and play with him by putting his paws on
him and rough housing. Koda started to bare his teeth/growl( not in a
playing manner) a few times when he was laying on the ground and Henry
was on him trying to play and we would make Henry get off of him but
then Koda would chase after him like he wanted to play but would
repeat the same thing. Koda even copied some of the things that Henry
was doing to him but when Henry would turn to play he would retreat.
Henry wasn't being aggressive but was playing rough.

It's like he wanted to play but was afraid. How can I change this? I
want him to have fun and be comfortable with other dogs.
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Barked: Thu Aug 9, '07 10:07pm PST 
do these session with this other dog more... keep them short. If you have time to do on 15 min session... cut it into two 6 min sessions with a break way in between and then some more play. The exposure will help him.

What were the other dogs in the class? He may do better with a smaller dog. Just because a dog is big doesn't mean it can only play with big dogs!! Smaller dogs can help build confidence.