Hey Pups! What was your name Pre-Adoption?

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Where's my- Tiara?

Barked: Fri Jul 27, '07 5:44am PST 
Seems like Mom is always changing the names of her rescues and fosters. Some of them came from such bad situations that she didn't want any trace of the negativity left on them, so new names came along too.

When she got me my first owners had named me......Chugger. I guess I do like my water, but Mom didn't think it befit a lovely lady like myself. Therefore, I became "Gretta", which means "pearl."

Mom got Rondo from a breeder, but they named all their pups. His name was "Spur" before she changed it.

So what was your first name? Did your Moms and Dads change it or keep it?

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Save a- Life:- Adopt!

Barked: Fri Jul 27, '07 5:53am PST 
When I lived at the animal shelter, my name was Heather. That is Mom's name too.

When she adopted me, she intended to let me keep the name they had given me at the shelter, but Grandmaw and Grandpaw insisted they could not have a daughter and a dog with the same name.

So from then on I have been known as Duchess.

Such a Happy- Girl

Barked: Fri Jul 27, '07 5:58am PST 
I was "Katie". Everyone thought it was not elegant enough. Plus, a friend of the family has that name and is an extreme dog hater, so it had to go.


Oh oh oh! Pick- me pick me!

Barked: Fri Jul 27, '07 5:59am PST 
I was "Rodger". Mom thought it did not roll off the tongue very well or seem to fit me at all.

Barked: Fri Jul 27, '07 6:35am PST 
I have no idea what my name was, but mum named me Süsse, and it fits me because I am a very sweet dog. She wanted to name me Santa's Little Helper, but that name was already taken...

Too smart for my- own good!

Barked: Fri Jul 27, '07 7:18am PST 
red face Lulu... Worst. Name. Ever!!
♠- Mickey- ♠

One by one The- squirrels steal- my sanity

Barked: Fri Jul 27, '07 7:40am PST 
I was Bear.

Mom thought it was a sign from Grizzly Bear and Kodiak Bear...

The were known as the Bears...

But it didn't feel right to keep me Bear... as we already had our bears.

cloud 9

Can't wait til'- Christmas!
Barked: Fri Jul 27, '07 7:42am PST 
hey Riley ,
the name lulu is cute but I think it looks better on little toy or lap dogs right ? u look like Riley it totally fits u beterwave

Barked: Fri Jul 27, '07 8:00am PST 
Now, THAT's funny.
big laughbig laugh
I see a Lulu as a French Bulldog.

Riley fits you much better.
Takoda (In- Loving- Memory)

Let\'s Go!
Barked: Fri Jul 27, '07 8:11am PST 
Riley I can't picture you as a Lulu!! big laugh

The shelter lady named me Serena because it means calm, and I was very calm at the shelter. Thank dog my pawrents changed my name because that "calm" stuff was all a big act to get myself adopted. laugh out loud
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