hip troubles

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Nakita - born to be a- trouble maker
Barked: Tue Jul 24, '07 11:33pm PST 
i dont know what i'm going to do about nakita,we got half way home from a bike run and she kindof limp i hope her hips are ok. i need to get them xray as soon as i get out of school. does many dogs her weight of 102 pounds and her breed have hip troubles?
Mika Akila- Blue

It's ALL about- ME!
Barked: Fri Jul 27, '07 3:14pm PST 
Lots of medium to large dogs have hip troubles, in particular, hip dysplasia. If you can't get your pup to the vet now, pick up some glucosimine and start giving some of that every day to help provide some relief until you can find out what's going on.

Barked: Mon Jul 30, '07 11:32am PST 
I've got arthritis in my hips, and the glucosamine does help. They give me two of them a day, and after a few weeks I was feeling better. It sure is rough getting old.