Happy Got ya day Buddy!

Reina Rae-In- Loving- Memory 5/1

Pampered- Princess
Barked: Thu Jul 5, '07 8:09pm PST 
Happy got ya day Buddy! party party party

The grandkids are coming to visit this week-end so we're going to celebrate big time on Saturday. big grin cheer cheercheer

For today we had some pizza and frosty paws!!! snoopysnoopy

Your Never Too- Big To Be A Lap- Dog
Barked: Fri Jul 6, '07 7:27am PST 
Happy Gotcha' Day Buddy cheer

partyparty It's Party Time partyparty

I'm- Labradorabull
Barked: Fri Jul 6, '07 8:31am PST 
Frosty paws that sounds good. Mommy made some days ago and daddy has not kicked them down yet and dang has it been hot.

I think I will celebrate from afar with you on your gotcha day!!!wishespartypartyhughug

Buddy Lee

Love Bug- Extraordinaire
Barked: Fri Jul 6, '07 10:29pm PST 
Awwwww thank you Cookie and Gromit. I'd love for you to celebrate with me from afar. I'll ask for an extra frosty paw or two for you. Think they'd go for that? laugh out loud


I'm a licker not- a biter!!
Barked: Mon Jul 9, '07 11:53am PST 
Sorry this is late.

Happy Got ya day Buddy!!! I hope it was a good one smile party
Buddy Lee

Love Bug- Extraordinaire
Barked: Mon Jul 9, '07 10:37pm PST 
Thank you Angel. I had a great "Gotcha Day" that we celebrated all week long! BOL!


Buddy Lee