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Barked: Sat Jun 23, '07 7:48pm PST 
My mum just ordered weave poles, two sturdy jumps, a tire jump, and an 18' tunnel! My an Oreo have been doing agility over sticks propped up on chairs for about two months now........ I can hardly wait!

Any suggestions on how to get your dog to go through the tunnel when you dont have someone to call him fromt he other end? Thats the only way Ive ever heard of it done......... also, how do you teach a dog to got through the tire jump? Sorry bout the cluelessness, but oreo is... well..... lets say, one brick short of a wall, and no one in my family will help at all..... yah xD Still excited for the equipment!

Barked: Sat Jun 23, '07 10:28pm PST 
Try scrunching the tunnel up and then send him through, though you may have to coax him at first you can gradually increase the tunnel length until he is running through at competition lengths
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Barked: Sun Jun 24, '07 8:35am PST 
"Jade" here from Australia. With the tyre obstacle, if you are able to place it on it's side and then lead the dog through it that way, building up it's confidence. We have 2 types here, 1 has a square support around the tyre, the other is a free standing tyre. If you can't put it on it's side, then start at a lower height, and try to leave the dog on one side, and you go to the other side and encourage the dog through with food, toy, etc.

I agree about the tunnel, whether it's the cloth tunnel or 'bendy' tunnel you're talking about. Scrunch it up, then leave the dog in a 'stay' at one end, then go to the other end and call the dog through, increasing the length as you go each time, or as the dog understands the exercise.

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Barked: Sun Jun 24, '07 7:28pm PST 
We just started in agility recently, so we know all about "baby steps" when it comes to obstacles!

With Ming on the tunnel, we started with someone on the other end baiting with a treat. I'd say "tunnel" when he went through to get the bait, click and treat. Then I was able to take away the bait once he learned that "tunnel" meant go through the tunnel. (This took all of about 5 runs, total!) You also can practice getting your dog to follow your hand, so when you lead him to the tunnel with your hand, he'll "follow" your hand into the tunnel.
If you only have one person, do as the previous poster suggested, and scrunch the tunnel up so you can reach both sides by extending your arm to bait him through.

On the tire, we started with it upright, resting on the ground, so the dog just has to step through. Once that motion is learned, slowly and gradually increase the height. BUT doing the tire at any real degree of height is going to require jumping, which takes more specialized training. Many dogs aren't natural jumpers and need to kind of "learn" where their back feet are to be able to safely do those obstacles.

Barked: Sun Jun 24, '07 8:25pm PST 
Try throwing treats through the tunnel. This is the only way I can get my dogs to do it. Then switch to luring the dog through the tunnel with the treat. Eventually they will go through all on their own, with gusto!

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Barked: Sun Jun 24, '07 9:57pm PST 
Throwing treats near a tunnel would get you told off but good at classes. I wouldn't do that with my home equipment. If treats go in the tunnel and ever touch it.. You may end up with a dog who snarfs for treats in the tunnel every time because it smells good. Rally hard to ever clean your tunnel well enough to get it clean either.

Barked: Mon Jun 25, '07 6:46am PST 
Thank you everyone for your responses! I have to scrunch up the tunnel, because I cant use treats. I have to use his favorite toy because once I have him a treat, he wont listen, he just focuses on my hand and if it has a treat in it for the rest of the practice.

Here are some pictures

http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z130/ditto_mercy/OREOdone2.jp g

http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z130/ditto_mercy/OREOdone1.j pg

That was just the beginning though, about a month ago, and he actually tucks up neater now. Just have to snap some pictures xD

Thank you for the tire input, Ill make sure to try it on its side. Its not free standing big grin