9 year old pom starting to lose hair

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Barked: Mon May 28, '07 12:07am PST 
Beeru is turning 10. A little over 3 months ago I started noticing small patches of hair missing and dry flaky skin on other parts of the body. The thinning first started at one side of the neck where the collar is, then spreading across the whole collar area, then around the whole neck. I thought it was the collar causing it, so I removed the collar and started seeking vet's help. However, the hair loss is now spreading, the body hair is starting to thin too.

In the past 3 months, I've visited 3 different vets, and even a doggy dermatologists. Vets have taken thyroid test, biopsies, urine tests & blood tests. Most vets can't tell what's wrong with Beeru but ruled out Thyroid condition and Mange (Walking Dandruff). The animal dermatologist ruled out Cushings Syndrome, then suggested that Beeru "could have" Alopecia X (Black Skin Disease), which is a hormone irregularity causing hair to fall out. However, none of the test the dermatologist ran showed any hormone irregularity, nor any other health concerns. We did alot of research on Black Skin Disease ourselves, but most poms studied gets the condition at a young age...which is weird because Beeru is 10 years old and never had any hair loss until now. His skin is also not turning black. Could it be just old age?

Also, about half a year ago, I started noticing peppered liked freckles showing up on his lower belly, on the sides of his pee pee. The vets back then didn't know why the freckles showed up, and suggested allergy. Maybe the pepper-like freckles are related to the hair loss?

I'd appreciate any help on this matter.
Missey- Prissey

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my five year old female pom is having the same symptons. Do you have any new information, Thanks from Missey Prisey

I am a natural- giggalo.
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Hi Missey Prissey,

Yes - I have new information for you, it's been a crazy 2 months for me at the vets!

Please read my 8/7/07 journal on my page. It provides my detailed diagnoses.

Good luck and please sign my guest book.


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