What food are you feeding your pet?


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Barked: Thu May 17, '07 10:50pm PST 
Oscar was diagnosed last week with IBD. According to the biopsy, his IBD is caused by a food allergy. The doctor switched his food to Purina HA. Is anyone else using this food or had any experience with it? Thanks!
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Hi Oscar's mom!


I hope another dog comes along soon and answers your question about the food.


Food allergies often cause IBD in cats and I assume it's the same thing with dogs, so finding the ingredient in the food that Oscar is allergic to should be the first thing you do. That is usually done by switching to another protein and/or grain that the cat or dog has not eaten in the past and seeing if that clears up the problem. A change in diet to foods that are free from all grains like wheat, corn, soy & glutens was the single most helpful thing for my cat KC.

Hope Oscar is feeling better!



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I can have an episode of IBD because of food allergies or stress. Things that stress me are 1) being left at the kennel, 2) mom being gone for a few days, 3) heat, 4) fireworks. I have lots of allergies, but not the traditional ones.

Consider allegry testing if the usual recommendations don't work. I can eat wheat, which you may be advised to avoid. I am allergic to rice. I eat Nature's Variety, New Zealand Venison and Millet Medley.