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Mr. Spencer- Puggles

speed demon
Barked: Wed Apr 18, '07 11:24am PST 
I've been feeding my dogs Natural Balance Ultra Premium but I can't trust them right now.
I am looking for a kibble that is similar in either taste and shape or whole content.
I have no idea what other brands look like, but I do know my dogs enjoy the flat round kibble that NB provides.

Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

I'm a- chihua-wolf!
Barked: Wed Apr 18, '07 11:32am PST 
Orijen is a flat, round kibble. It's grain-free though so I'm not sure if you're interested in going that route. Helix loves it- it's chicken & fish based.
Mr. Spencer- Puggles

speed demon
Barked: Wed Apr 18, '07 11:36am PST 
I think grain-free at this point would be the safest route.
Thanks I am going to see if I can find a bag locally - I'm probably going to buy several different bags of stuff to sample!

*edit* strike that, according to the Orijen website, I cannot personally purchase the food in Ohio. frown

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Grizzy Grace. <3
Barked: Wed Apr 18, '07 11:43am PST 
Solid Gold Holistique Blendz (which is Ocean Fish) is flat and in a square shape. Definately smells fishy! Also, the Solid Gold Barking at the moon is a flat round kibble that is Salmon and Beef based. We feed Solid Gold (Wolf King), and love it, and I do trust the company too!


Dreamin' about- food, zzzzz!
Barked: Wed Apr 18, '07 11:45am PST 
my mummy feeds me Nature's variety ...my mummy rotates...once lil bro william wallace and i are almost done with one large bag...she starts introducting another bag of nature's variety kibble diets...right now we are eating raw instinct, grain free, before that we were eating new zealand venison meal and millet medley...no recalls on any of the nature's variety foods that I have seen or heard...mummy is glad about that and so am I. ruff, ruff!! She just checked out the websites today and no recalls on these foods still...Mummy says rotating the kinds of kibbles we eat lessens our chances of getting food allergies...we are cool with that 'cause we corgis love food!

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Yippie! Spring- is here :)
Barked: Wed Apr 18, '07 11:50am PST 
We like Canidae. Small,round,semi-flat,about the size of an english pea. Mom was a little panicked about the rice gluten issue. We had just finished off a can of the Venison and Rice NB! shock She picked up a 40lb bag of the Canidae Lamb and Rice just yesterday. She's thinking if NB can say they get their ingredients from the US ,only to find that the distributor in the US got it from China then who can we really trust now? She just checked the Canidae site.. they stated the issue is with the glutens extracted from rice and wheat,not the rice and wheat itself and that they DO NOT USE GLUTENS of any kind,in any of their products. We sure hope they're telling the truth! applause

Barked: Wed Apr 18, '07 11:58am PST 
I used to include Natural Balance in my recommended food list and you see what we've just discovered.

At this point, I can't recommend ANY commercial pet food. I'd hate for someone to run out and purchase a food I recommend and another pet is a casualty in an unregulated industry.

New food suggestion: HOME COOK
Mr. Spencer- Puggles

speed demon
Barked: Wed Apr 18, '07 6:20pm PST 
Thanks all!

I went to a local feed shop after work today and it was very hard to choose - they carry Solid Gold, Canidae, Wellness, Natura (Innova, Evo, California Natural) and some other stuff that's been named here as good. I ended up buying a 10lb bag of Canidae "All Life Stages" because the kibble most closely resembled Natural Balance Ultra Premium. I was more interested in one of the Solid Gold - Beef & Barley but the $15lb bag was as expensive as the 35lb bags of NB we usually buy and I just cannot budget that right now.

We split their dinner tonight - half Canidae, half NB. At first they weren't sure but they ended up chowing down!
And the best thing so far is that they ate the kibble dry - without "log sprinkles" (I usually chop up a Natural Balance roll slice for them to top off their dish).

Now for the fun part - watching and waiting!
I'm going to continue integrating it into their food. I hope this works. I am still sad about Natural Balance and I am unsure whether or not I will go back to them after this fiasco is over, as it's possible I have just found a good food that my dogs like more, which is also obviously healthier for them.

now if they'd just tell us who the other 5 companies are....

I love water!!
Barked: Wed Apr 18, '07 6:33pm PST 
I feed Nature's Variety grain free dog food. smile Delta loves it.
Mr. Spencer- Puggles

speed demon
Barked: Wed Apr 18, '07 6:35pm PST 
Delta, you are so incredibly full of knowledge I learn something new in every one of your posts! lol

Regarding grain-free food - is that transition usually longer than just switching similar brands?
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