Anyone else fighting the piles of thawing poops?

Baxter (aka- Baxter-doodl- e!)

Wag more, bark- less!
Barked: Mon Mar 12, '07 6:59am PST 
Here's a poem my mom just wrote this morning. Guess what she had to do yesterday??? BOL


Well, I've waited for Spring and the thaw it is here
But I didn't expect that I'd find everywhere...

This poopage they've left me.... this brown stuff galore!
This yard full of carnage outside my front door!

I look woefully out at the deep mounds of brown
the mine field that lives in my unknowing town

I walk with stiff toes tenderly 'round the brown bombs
that four dogs have left me with joy and aplomb

The stuff it froze hard to the wintery ground
And thus my excuse for just leaving it 'round

But now with the thaw it shows multiple layers
of poopage stuff left from four happy poop players

Poop it is here, and dung it is there
My God, this stuff is just thrown all around, everywhere!

It's over, it's under, it's all covered and frosted
with brown drop-kerplops, I've been duly accosted!

To pick this up, I know, takes at least (my oh my)
Double-lined Hefty bags of 20-plus ply!

And then a big crane to lift just bag one
because of the stuff -- it weighs nearly a TON!

But what - I do wonder - as I shovel the doo
just what would the garbage man say if he knew?

That inside this bag isn't cans or old meat
But stuff that he wouldn't allow on his feet!

Recycle, I think, it would help our great Earth
to help this poop carnage have fancy rebirth

As firewood or compost or something of use
but the stuff simply is just too widespread and profuse!

And here the stuff sits in all stages o' decay
with the thaw telling me I must face it today.

So I go with the shovel, and the 20-plus ply black bag
And hope that the neighbors don't watch this old nag

As she loads up and shovels and digs the great heaps
Of poopsicles thawed now in piles oh so deep

With sunglasses on (not for glare, but disguise)
Here I go, to the thaw, and the poop on the rise.

My one consolation as I lift up the sack,
Is that others today are also scooping their crap.

So I say to my friends, as you scoop your brown cakes!
Merry thawing to all, and may your bags never break.
Jack, GPC

I'm a Momma's- boy.
Barked: Mon Mar 12, '07 8:33pm PST 
laugh out loud applause

Baxter, that is funny.

laugh out loud applause
Jack, GPC

I'm a Momma's- boy.
Barked: Mon Mar 12, '07 8:33pm PST 
laugh out loud applause

Baxter, that is funny.

laugh out loud applause

Nala, GGIT

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Barked: Tue Mar 13, '07 6:21am PST 
BOL! We are in the same boat smile

I'm a licker not- a biter!!
Barked: Tue Mar 13, '07 6:38am PST 
Great poem, I love it!!

Wasen't ME
Barked: Tue Mar 13, '07 10:27am PST 
applauseapplauseapplause Love it!!!! We are in the same spot I hate spring for that reason only but other than that I love spring!!!
Cotton, TDI,- CGC, TFP-I,- FMX

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Barked: Tue Mar 13, '07 5:06pm PST 
I would have never thought about frozen poo if you hadn't written a poem about it. You totally made us laugh. It doesn't snow here (middle of California) and when we go to the cabin we pick it up immediately because we don't want someone to make a snow angel on it red face shock.

I Hate Rain
Barked: Mon Mar 19, '07 1:27pm PST 
we're in the situation where the snow thawed so we could see all the poop that had previously been covered. And just as it got warm enough to pick it up (and start to smell) it froze again.
A yard of poop is not as pretty as a yard of snow.