Where can I buy carob chips?


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Where can I buy carob chips? I want to make some of the dog treat recipes posted here and I can't find carob chips in 2 chain grocery stores near my house. Are there any on-line stores that sell them?

Also, what about things like rice flour and oat flour? I can't find them in the chain grocery stores either.

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Bubbles, you will probably need to go to a health food type of store to find these items. Oat flour, I'm pretty sure, you can get from putting oatmeal into a food processor and blending it down until it's in a flower form.

Most Kroger stores now have a health (or healthier) food section. Look in that area for the rice and oat flower. Bob's Red Mill brand is usually sold in small packages.

Try a store locater here:

Bob's Red Mill

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Hi Bubbles! I'm so happy you are a member of my Home Cooked group! Very cool!

Yes, in NYC, we have plenty of stores here but only select health and more upscale stores sell them. For a chain store, we found them at Wholefoods. We also find them and the carob powder at health food stores as well. Good luck!big grin

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