Puking in the car

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Barked: Mon Feb 19, '07 11:31pm PST 
Does anyone know what to do with a puppy (7 months) that throws up in the car EVERY TIME we go anywhere? (no matter the distance) I feel terrible and wish I could do something. Before a long road trip we took, the vet said he was too young to give any motion sickness medication. But even a drive to the park makes him sick! Any suggestions?!

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Barked: Mon Feb 19, '07 11:55pm PST 
Always keep a towel in the car??
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Barked: Tue Feb 20, '07 8:43am PST 
There are a few things made to protect your back seat until your puppy gets his sea legs, so to speak.

First, theres the giant, absorbant blanket that can be strone across the backseat. It obsorbs odors and liquids, so it would also help with any nervous urination or accidents. But I forget what that brand is called--They should have it at a local petco or petsmart. Its rewashable, and reuseable. And the odor eating enzymes are said to survive the washing machine.

The other option is something called ": Dura Guard :". Its a pet-seat cover that conforms to the shape of your seat ( they're cut that way, to fit) so that any leaks or anything don't get into the car and smell it up.

What about those stress related, hormone emittors? The ones that release the mother dog pheramone (sp?) and are said to make them calmer? Maybe that would help?

I agree with Dulce--Until you can take motion sickness pills or get your sea legs, a towel might be your best best.

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Try a dog seat that he can look out the window. Also ginger snap cookies... The ginger helps the stomach and the cookies help him to eat the ginger.
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Barked: Sat Feb 24, '07 10:07pm PST 
Hi There, Baylee threw up in the car since the first day we got him. There are straps out there called static straps. They are used for children that suffer from motion sickness. They go on the bumper and they must touch the ground for them to work. Baylee never got sick again as long as we had a static (or ground) strap on the car.
Hope this helps. smile

Barked: Sun Dec 28, '08 1:56pm PST 
So my (almost) 4 month old puppy has gotten sick in the car every single car trip. Before we even get into the car she starts salivating. Anywhere from 2-5 minutes later, she literally bubbles at the mouth and then vomits. I feel helpless. I have tried sitting with her for periods of time with the car off and other times with it running. I've even tried Dramamine. When I don't feed her, she seems to puke bile rather violently. I'm the kind of person that likes to bring my dog everywhere with me. But not to clean up piles and piles of vomit and end up with a dog that is completely drenched in her own slobber! HELP!!!cry

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Ive never heard of static strips, but I may have to go online and try them out!

Other than that, Daisy has always gotten carsick. Always. Some people said to try it slowly a little more car time at a time, and build up to get her adjusted. But for her it didnt work. I hear it does for some. So you could try going for like around the block little rides (and treats and rewards after and during) and then keep increasing the time/distance. Dont feed before a long car ride. I do keep water down though, just in case but remove it maybe a few hours before the drive. Daisy uses the ACE medication from the vet for long car drives--its a pill from the vet that helps and somewhat sedates her. It does prevent her from puking, and makes her calm enough to just lay down and rest or sleep for the ride. (the crate helps to0). However, without the pill, she still pukes. The only bad thing is that if your dog is a certain breed (there are a few that can't take it--your vet will know) or if you are prone to seizures you cant take it (or it could make an unknown seizure disorder present), however, for an occasional trip if your vet OKs it, it is worth it. they arent expensive either (maybe 10bucks for 10 pills or so) and I only do it for long drives bc otherwise she is absolutely miserable and pukes nonstop for hours.

Daci--it sounds like you have some anxiety with the car---I mean if you start salivating BEFORE you even get in it! maybe you could work on reinforcing the car being a fun place, like leaving a door open and play around the door and when she jumps in/around the car give treats. She is young, so she might get used to the car.
just be patient and keep trying.

and bring paper towels.....
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Barked: Sun Dec 28, '08 10:06pm PST 
Remy, make sure pup can see out the window. If its motion sickness, it may help. Kind of like a ballerina doing an aribesque(S?) They look in one place while turning so they dont get dizzy, like a focal point.
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Rats, didnt see how old this is!

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I got Misty at about 6 months old and she threw up EVERY time we drove anywhere unless it was just down the street for a walk. But it always happened just as we were getting to where ever we were going. I think it was the change from the smooth driving on the freeway to the stop and go of the surface streets. Just try to make your stops and starts slower and remember to drive slower if there are even shallow dips in the road. She grew out of it after a while.