Spot and Patch need prayers

Spot , at- the Bridge

Where you are- mum I will be- right behind
Barked: Thu Feb 1, '07 7:20pm PST 
Hi everyone.
Well the story so far is that mum and dad have been told they have to find another house or buy this one we are in. We just wanted to ask our pals to say prayers for us and send us some good karma so that we can buy this one. So us puppies have to wait for all the people involved to get it all going. Mum said we have to wait to see if we get the mortgage thing. I don't know why we cant just live here. In the mean time mum is pannicking, She wants to make sure Cassie and us have a home to stay in. So if you all wouldn't mind puttin in a good word with all the doggie angels and the big man himself or whoever your person is you believe in. We would be eternally grateful.
Thank you my fello puppies and friends, we just need lots of 9
Pufulet RIP

Born To- Love- You
Barked: Sun Feb 4, '07 2:50am PST 
Our prayers and good thoughts are with you dear Spot...and with your family!!!We'll be thinkin' about you!
Spot , at- the Bridge

Where you are- mum I will be- right behind
Barked: Sat Feb 17, '07 3:27pm PST 
I see you there Pufulet. You ae so wonderful You are all so wonderful the way you are supporting my mum and my brother and our family. Mum is doing ok . she has been resting and has all her tests next week but with all the wonderful support from you all life is so much easier to deal with. God Bless you all. Mum also sends out prayers to all the other puppies and their mummies going through trauma's at the moment. Or just getting through life at times.
Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much.
x x x x x xx x x