Looking for a new "DOGGIE" book to read.

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★ Faith- ★

Down with Bill- 132(Ontario Pit- Bull Ban)
Barked: Wed Jan 24, '07 12:18pm PST 
So, I just finished reading "Marley and Me". LOVED IT! Best book I've read in a LONG time.

I was smiling, lauging, nodding, crying, reaching for my girls to give them love. I read the book in 2 days - I could NOT put it down. I fell so deep into this book, that I feel like I now have a void. Can anyone reccomend something to follow this WONDERFUL book up with? It's going to be really tough.

Thanks for any help...

Swim, Sleep and- Eat
Barked: Wed Jan 24, '07 12:27pm PST 
shelter dogs it is a really good book and from bagdad with love is another. I loved both those books.

Barked: Wed Jan 24, '07 12:34pm PST 
just finished "amazing gracie" that was really cute. before that i read that book "three dog life"...i liked the gracie one better, but it was decent too. paws..blossom

Cinnamon Grrrl

The Little Bad- Wolf
Barked: Wed Jan 24, '07 12:50pm PST 
If you can find it, "Thurber's Dogs" by James Thurber is hilarious!

Dog is my- co-pilot
Barked: Wed Jan 24, '07 1:02pm PST 
this is an old one but it's written from a dogs perspective...well as best as a human writer can. Plague dogs by Richard Adams. He also wrote watership down (about rabbits). Both oldies but goodies.
★ Faith- ★

Down with Bill- 132(Ontario Pit- Bull Ban)
Barked: Wed Jan 24, '07 1:16pm PST 
Thanks for all the suggestions so far. hail
We will have to go out tonight and pick up some of these books.

If there are any other suggestions, please keep them coming as I'm making a list and plan to read them ALL! cheer
Diesel- ♥

It's My birthday- today!!!
Barked: Wed Jan 24, '07 1:22pm PST 
"walking in circles before lying down" by Merrill Markoe. SO SO SO funny, i couldnt put it down. Its about this woman, and all of a sudden she can talk to dogs. Great Book but i will warn, there is adult language. A must read!
Buddy ☮

Ducks Are My- Nemeses
Barked: Wed Jan 24, '07 1:27pm PST 
Wow all those books sound great!
After I read Marley and Me, I read the good Good Pig.
It's based on a pig, but there is a dog in it!! It's alot like marley and me and it really is an awesome book! I suggest reading that one too!
If you're not in it already, "the dog eared book club" is a really great group right here on dogster! They read a book a month, and lots of great titles are talked about

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♥-Ben- ji-♥

A scratched- dog is a happy- dog!
Barked: Wed Jan 24, '07 3:03pm PST 
"Canine Caper" by rose block was so good!

Give LOVE to get- LOVE-Adopt a- Dog!
Barked: Wed Jan 24, '07 3:07pm PST 
"Old Yeller" was a great book! snoopy
I highly reccomend it!
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