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Barked: Sun Jan 21, '07 3:34am PST 
My diet hasn't changed at all the last few days, except I had my first bone (a big cow hock). I didn't eat a whole lot of it, but today I had nasty diarrohea - thick black almost paste, then very light colored watery stuff. Any link?
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Barked: Sun Jan 21, '07 5:53am PST 
Really dark stools can be a sign of bleeding in the upper GI tract. Did it look like blood that had dried?

Barked: Sun Jan 21, '07 6:06am PST 
It could be blood in the stool from a possible tear in the intestine from a piece of the cow hock. I'd stop all feeding and only provide water until it passes. But keep an eye on the situation. If the diarrhea doesn't stop, you'll need to get to vet. Some people recommend canned pumkin and other remedies to stop diarrhea, but my opinion is why try to stop something bad from getting out of the body?

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Scamp... so that they don't suffer or become dehydrated.

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I don't know the cause but, I know what might help. Get your mom to go to the vitamin section of WalMart (or a drug store) and get acidolphilus. It is the good bacteria that is in yogurt only concentrated and in pill form. It will help overwhelm any bad bacteria and help you feel better.
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It could be food allergies - sometimes they just show up all of a sudden like that. Mom discovered I was allergic to chicken this way too.

Also, try feeding small pieces of bread (whole wheat or oat bran - not the wonderbread stuff, it's too starchy for us dogs to digest it properly) - that's supposed to help cushion the bones so the sharp edges pass through easier.

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Barked: Sun Jan 21, '07 1:27pm PST 
I had that problem off and on a few time last year and we went to the vet. He gave us some pills that cleaned it right up and then we started feeding Bella plain non-fat yogurt with breakfast and she hasn't had the problem yet.
However, I"m concerned that with the dark color there may be blood which cannot be good. I say see the vet asap even if it's tomorrow. Better to go on the safe side.

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Barked: Sun Jan 21, '07 8:35pm PST 
It didn't look at all like dried blood - and then it was very, very light and runny. She seems a lot better today, although still very runny when she goes toilet. She's had her bone taken off of her. She's allergic to rice, wheat, oats, and cats. I'm waiting for results about other allergins. So I've just been trying to feed her meats.