narrow trachea

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Barked: Wed Jan 17, '07 10:25am PST 
Well my vet said I have a narrow trachea with everted laryngeal saccules. I have such a bad lung infection that even if I had surgery he said the infection would not go away. Surgery is way too expensive for my mommy so she has to put me down. I really wish there was a way around this.
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Barked: Wed Jan 17, '07 10:36am PST 
I'm so sorry......................cry

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Barked: Wed Jan 17, '07 10:59am PST 
I am so sorry.



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Barked: Wed Jan 17, '07 11:11am PST 
That's awful.. I'm so sorry *hugs* cry

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Barked: Wed Jan 17, '07 11:14am PST 
Have you contacted any rescues? Sometimes they will take a pet that you sign over to them and get its lifesaving surgery. Just a thought. (although a lot of the time rescues don't have the necessary funding to pay for a surgery--Mom opted to adopt our foster cat Sir Thomas when he needed leg surgery and they wouldn't pay for it)

I'm so sorry.......cry

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Barked: Wed Jan 17, '07 1:08pm PST 
I find the statment that "the infection is so bad that it isn't treatable" to be questionable. What has been done to treat the infection?? Certainly there is the concern that due to his airway structure that he would be prone to having infections again (due to aspiration / inhaling vomit?). I would suggest seeking a second opinion. Sometimes Bulldogs have such severe respiratory tract abnormalities that euthanasia is the most humane option. A second opinion can help you determine for certain if that is the case with Chauncey
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Barked: Wed Jan 17, '07 1:42pm PST 
awww we (Puggsley, Tinkerbelle and i) am sorry to hear u will no longer be w/us ... frown .. u will be in our thoughts .. lots of huggs and sloppy kisseshug
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Barked: Wed Jan 17, '07 7:34pm PST 
Please try to contact your local bulldog rescue before turning to euthanasia. There are MANY bulldogs that are put into rescue for same/similar reasons (owners did anticipate/were unaware of the expensive medical costs often associated with this breed). A reputable rescue group could certainly find a home for Chauncey that could assume the financial responsibility.

Good luck!

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Barked: Wed Jan 17, '07 8:19pm PST 
we are sorry to hear you are not wellcry please have your mommy contact rescue groups or no kill shelters for support or to sign you over if she can't afford surgery. it would also be worth getting a second opinion as we have met some crazy vets over the years...this way your family knows whatever decision they make was the right one. good luck & we hope your vet is wrong!!!!!wisheshug

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Barked: Thu Jan 18, '07 8:31am PST 
I still highly recommend a second opinion. I think something might be able to be done for Chauncy without having to euthanize him or give him up.
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