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single- and- lovable:)
Barked: Thu Dec 28, '06 9:26pm PST 
i nominate sharna the ridgeback for dog of the week/day ! she has helped us so much when we first joined and she is very friendly to other dogs on dogster. she loves to halp them out and loves meeting new pals! she has helped us get dogs adopted out too! she also enjoys giving dogs presents and loves to brighten up there day!

so please nominate sharna for odg of the day/week!

woof lick Bono
Nellie-your dogster sun R.I.P

I Hope your- walking on my- sunshine!!!
Barked: Thu Dec 28, '06 11:18pm PST 
I agree. Good work sharna. VOTE ONE SHARNA!!!! I hope it works out
♥- Sassy NPC- ♥

Save a Life &- Rescue
Barked: Thu Dec 28, '06 11:58pm PST 
Sharna is a sweetheart. She is a rescue shelter pup. She was one of the lucky ones to find a furever home.

Harley-The Middle School Dog

Got cheese?
Barked: Fri Dec 29, '06 2:19pm PST 
i nominate her! she is a cutie! and is sick :*( she deserves this honor poor baby!
♥ Avril ♥

Lost In Your- Eyes I Feel Like- I'm Fallin
Barked: Fri Dec 29, '06 3:13pm PST 
I'll Vote For Her! ^_^

Barked: Fri Dec 29, '06 3:28pm PST 
I Vote For Sharna!!
Ms. Jazzy- Jasmine- Jazzers

I'm a Princess- and a Rebel
Barked: Fri Dec 29, '06 3:34pm PST 
You've got my vote Sharna! Yo go girliesmile
Bunny SC ( Crush Squad)

Bunny's...My- Name Don't wear- it out
Barked: Fri Dec 29, '06 7:36pm PST 
Sharna is a very loyal friend. she is understanding and caring. If you just take a look at her page u will see that she has truly earnd Dog of the week. ( more like dog of the year!) i voted Sharna!!!

Stop and smell- EVERY flower. I- do.
Barked: Fri Dec 29, '06 7:48pm PST 
Sharna is an inspiration to all of us new dogsters. She's so supportive and helpful. Her commitment to the well being of dogs in need is excellent, and she is willing to serve as a gentle reminder of how important this is. please make Sharna dog of the week. Its good for the rest of us!

I am Corgi,- short but- mighty!
Barked: Sat Dec 30, '06 4:41pm PST 
I, too, nominate Sharna for Dog of the Week. She is a wonderful pup who is loved by so many Dogster pals, and she is most deserving of this honor.
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