A Happy puppy Christmas :-)

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Barked: Sun Dec 10, '06 5:10am PST 
Hiya pups and welcome to the OnLy PuPs Christmas party.

Theres drinks, some cakes, chews and turkey around here somewhere (youve just got to sniff them out!)

This Party will go on all all the way up to christmas.
If you house is anything like my house at the mo there will be some very weard things going on.

For alot of us pups its a first christmas and we have no idea whats going to happen next, some of our pups are a little older and hopefully can help us to understand whats going on.

I cant wait to hear all about christmas in your house and what kind of things you all get up to.

(there may be a supprise guest on here so keep your eyers open!)

Christmas hugs to you all.
Bullseye & Rocky xxxx

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Barked: Sun Dec 10, '06 7:28am PST 
Hi puppies!

Bullseye is right, there are chews, cakes and toys around the house this time of year, just to find them is the thing!

This is a great idea, one of the many that my dear Co-Administrator, Bullseye, has thought of. He is one sweet little puppy and I hope he never grows "up" and leaves OnLy PuPs!! Anyhow, mom said I'm getting too "mushy" here, whatever that means!

I've seen 9 Christmas times, each one was wonderful and magical and everyone is so happy and loving. My brother, Jack and sister, Chloe, who are my mom's son's Pomeranian puppies, will be here for Christmas.

Her other son, who is the daddy of Sarge, will be here, but Sarge couldn't fly so long in the plane. He lives in Las Vegas and we are in Buffalo.

Mom goes to see Sarge quite alot and celebrates his Birthday and other things with him, this year it was Halloween!

Anyhow, Christmas is a beautiful time of year and it is so nice to share the holiday season with you all, as for many it may be your first one.

Looking forward to reading all about your house at this joyful time!!!

Woof, Rocky xoxo
Jasmine (in- loving- memory)

Happy Christmas
Barked: Mon Dec 11, '06 9:19am PST 
Happy Christmas pups everywhere, I'm I've been through one Christmas before and it was brill,
Our house got made all pretty with lots of little lights everywhere, even on the outside, we had a tree to and it tasted lovely altho I don't think I was meant to eat it, mums face went all cross he he.

Then if that wasn't enough to get excited about one day I woke up to find tuns of pretty coloured boxes near the tree, some of them smelt great and I was allowed to open a few, mum and dad even laughed when I shredded paper all over the floor.
After a while of paper madness they cooked a huge meal and I got to have lots of it, it was the best day ever.

Well I'm going to go and try to sniff out some of those treats now, hopefully there are some toys to like Rocky said, I love balls there one of my favourites, I hope I will see some other pups in here to so I've someone to play with.
Love Jasmine.

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Barked: Mon Dec 11, '06 10:35am PST 
Hi Jasmine, It sounds beautiful although I don't think you are meant to eat the tree, no matter how good it smells! Santa comes in the middle of the night, and there is nothing there when I go to sleep but when I am up, there are all these beautiful things. I feel sorry for Sarge my mom's son's doggy - as they don't have a tree as he comes home for holidays and Sarge is usually with a friend. It's too far for Sarge to fly and dangerous for bulldogs sometimes. Well, maybe sometime his daddy will get married and then he'll have a tree and all that stuff. Sarge will love it!
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Barked: Tue Dec 12, '06 2:34pm PST 
HI, well whats this all about? There is a big green TREE! in our living room. I tried jumping on it but mummy was a bit cross *he, he* There are lights everywhere and there are lots of new things arround the house! Who is santa? Should i bark at him? What do you all think? Sparkle says its all a bit strange but thats no help at all? love you all lots seren and mummy april x

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Barked: Wed Dec 13, '06 10:10am PST 
Hi everyone!
Happy Holidays. I get to celebrate two holidays. My mom and dad celebrate Christmas, we have this really cool tree, but its fake so I dont know whether to try and eat it or not. I have a new toy- a giant Candy Cane! Its stuffed and its bigger then I me. I like to wrestle with it and drag it around the house. Its so fun.
My other favorite person is my doggie sitter Shirley. She's awesome because she spends a lot of time with me during the day. She celebrates Hanukkah. I want to get her something really neat, but I dont know what yet! Mom says we have to get her something great.
Woof! Porter
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Barked: Wed Jan 3, '07 2:41pm PST 
Hi Porter, Sounds like you had a good Christmas! The candy cane sounds neat, I love big toys and always did! Have a happy New Year and hugs to your friend, Shirley. Woof, Rocky