Please tell me it gets easier :(

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Daisy May

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Barked: Sun Nov 5, '06 9:36am PST 
My boyfriend and I found Daisy a few days ago in the woods where we found Duncan, and we took her in right away. My parents already have three dogs (we found her outside of their house), but they said they wanted to keep her. I spoiled her rotten for the few days that she was with us, but my mom ended up finding a new home for her (she said they can't handle four dogs).

I know this doesn't really count as a foster situation, but we took her in and she now has a new home. My heart is completely crushed right now, even though I know she just wasn't ment to be mine. I know her new home is good (the woman who took her has a nice home and a nice family, and said she does intend to get her spayed and all that)...I just can't stop crying over it.

I'm hoping someone who has fostered a dog or who has had to give one up to a more suitable home can tell me that this feeling won't be around forever. My mom thinks I'm being rediculous. *sigh*
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Barked: Sun Nov 5, '06 10:15am PST 
yes, absolutely, it does get easier! i've fostered over 6 babies now (check out some of their dogster pages on my families link!) and it is always hard, but it does pass with time. just take comfort in the fact that you've found that sweet angel a loving forever home that will care for her always! you've done your job well!

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Barked: Sun Nov 5, '06 10:23am PST 
Did you check for people looking for her? Place a found ad in the paper or check with locals shelters? She is so cute I can't believe someone wasn't looking for her.
There are laws in many states that dogs must be held for a certain number of days or registered with shelters or even surrendered to shelters to allow their true owner to find them.
You might check around a bit.
Also if you do place a dog be sure to get some kind of a contract in writing that says the people will spay the dog and do vet work and so forth. I know dogs are placed by individuals all the time, but it is always good to have things in writing.
I have fostered dogs for a rescue for 2 years and it does get easier, especially since I know I absolutely can't adopt another dog!
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Daisy May

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Barked: Sun Nov 5, '06 10:28am PST 
We did go around looking for signs and took her to the vet to see if she had a chip in her. We are convinced she was dumped as she is pretty much an exact match for Duncan who was dumped in the same woods in February. We think the people who owned Duncan never fixed their dogs and had more litters, which is where Daisy came from.

I did type up a contract thing and made my mom take it to work with her to have Daisy's new owner sign. I'm only 19 and I don't have any experience with any of this, but I am trying to do this right as I want Daisy to stay happy and healthy. My mom went to the new owners' house to check things out, and she called their vet to check on how they keep up with their cat (we already know Daisy loves cats, as she just about shadowed mine).

Is there anything else that I should be doing to make sure she's going to be okay in her new home? I don't know if my mom brought her there yet (I don't live with her), but I can find out.

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I 'lost' both of my fosters on Saturday! Moose got adopted and Gypsy was transported to a rescue in IL. It has pretty much hit me now that it's quiet and I've had a chance to think about it. Plus dogster always seems to bring out the tears...

It does get easier. Just be happy for the dog in their new home. I will think about them often and wonder how they are doing, but I choose to believe they are happy and healthy.

PS You should always call your local shelter and ask about lost dogs reports in case someone is looking for the dog. Also file a report with them about the dog you found. That way there is a better chance an owner can find the dog if they are looking.

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Barked: Mon Nov 6, '06 8:49am PST 
It doesn't get easier for me. I always fear the worst for them. Usualy to find out that they are well in their new family. I will probably loose my 7th foster soon. He got a good app on him Sunday... I ahve met the family and they seem good but still need to go through the references. I still have foster no 5 and I had to rehome foster no 6 because of my busy schedule. Even no 6 was a big pain to see her go. I always say that once I see the family I melt to them and so I can save another one!

Riley, I'm glad Moose's gone now. He was deserving it. Hurray for him! wink

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Barked: Wed Nov 8, '06 6:31am PST 
Daisy, it doesnt get easier really. It does however begin to warm you heart when you realize that dogs are getting good homes when their fate was not originally good when they were on the street. Be proud that you could help this girl and it will make you feel better.

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Barked: Wed Nov 8, '06 10:20am PST 
I had my first foster experience about a month ago. . . I picked up a starving stray alongside I-40, took him home, and fostered him for two weeks. I was able to place him with the same rescue society where I got Holly -- they paid for his vet bills, made him a website, put him on Petfinder, and gave him a spot at their adoption events. He got a new home his first weekend out.

I knew that I couldn't keep him, but it was still hard to give him up -- both Holly and I had gotten really attached to him in the time he was with us. Worse yet -- his new parents returned him a few weeks later. They said that their other dog was taking advantage of his submissiveness and beating him up. I felt AWFUL. But he got readopted the next day, and everything seems to be working out well in his second new home.

I talked with several foster parents during that time and they said that the thing that keeps them going is thinking of all the dogs they're able to help by fostering -- much more than they'd be able to help if they just adopted every dog that came through.

You helped Daisy so much by taking her in, loving her, and finding her a good home. She could have easily starved or gotten really sick in the woods on her own. I don't know if you'll ever stop missing her, but know that you did the absolute best thing you could do for her -- you saved her life.

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Oh sweetie, it will hurt for a little bit, but it does get easier. Especially when you see how happy your new one is in the new home.

Mom found a poem on Craigslist the other day and posted it in the happy endings forum. It'll make you cry, but it's a beautiful tribute to the foster experience.

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