Treat Tuesday

Duke- Ellington

I'm an old dog.
Barked: Mon Oct 16, '06 4:18am PST 
I know it's not Tuesday yet but I don't know where my parents will be so I thought I would let everyone know who will be the rattie I chose for the week. So everyone give lots and lots of treats and congrats to Sugar! I think I'll start early!
Sadie (Treat- Whore)

I love my- stuffie leg!
Barked: Mon Oct 16, '06 9:18am PST 
congrats sugar, leaving bones now woof:>,

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100% vermin- hunting farm- dog!!
Barked: Mon Oct 16, '06 4:42pm PST 
Congratties sugar here i go!

Jack, GPC

I'm a Momma's- boy.
Barked: Mon Oct 16, '06 7:02pm PST 
Sugar, I'm on my way to leave you a load of bones.


R Ts are like - chips, you can't- have ONE
Barked: Mon Oct 16, '06 7:57pm PST 
We left you some treats, Sugar. ENJOY!!!

The GM Gang

*Texas Tugger* - :o}~~~~~~~{o:
Barked: Mon Oct 16, '06 8:49pm PST 
Well, I was going to wait til Tuesday but everyone else is early so -- here goes. Treats to you Sugar. Hope you enjoy them.

Wanna play?
Barked: Mon Oct 16, '06 10:03pm PST 
TREATS FOR SUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maximus- Decimus- Meridius

Bully Sticks are- the best!
Barked: Tue Oct 17, '06 9:03am PST 
*Sugar, Sugar you are my candy girl* Max singing an old Archies song!!! Hee hee!! I left a bunch of bones for you!!!

100% vermin- hunting farm- dog!!
Barked: Tue Oct 17, '06 5:16pm PST 
im leavin more!

Catch me if you- can!
Barked: Tue Oct 17, '06 8:49pm PST 
Lots of bones for Sugar.